Cats are Amazing

Written by Allison Perry. Media by Tawnie Kozora.

Tonks the cate. Media by Paige Lunde.

We all know about cats. The dictionary defines cats as “a small domesticated carnivore… bred in a number of varieties.” However, if I were to define cats, I would say they are goofy, adorable, cuddly fur-balls that can sometimes be rude. They can be super sweet one second and then bite you out of nowhere. That’s the average cat.

We’ve all encountered the demon cat that hates people. These cats dart away as soon as they see you. There are even the extreme demon cats who let you get real close as if they’re going to let you pet them, and then hiss or jump at you before darting away. Then there’s the angel cat. All cat lovers dream of these cats because they love to snuggle and play, but never scratch you. They warm my heart.

Cats benefit humans in more ways than just bonding–they also keep mice away. Unless, of course, it’s a lazy cat, which is a frequent occurrence. If you live with someone who doesn’t like cats, just tell them they’ll keep the mice away (act like you don’t know cats can be lazy). You aren’t explicitly lying, right? 

Maine Coon cat. Media by

There are many different breeds and personalities of cats. A lot of times, the way a cat looks and acts attracts people. There is the Maine Coon (my absolute favorite breed). This breed is one of the largest domesticated breeds. They are large and fluffy, which makes them perfect for cuddling. Another popular breed is the American Shorthair. These cats are average sized but very attractive. They make a good family pet and like to hunt, so they’re perfect. My second favorite breed of cat is the Chartreux. Their gray fur is beautifully soft. They vary in size and make great pets because they’re friendly with children and even dogs!

There are so many breeds of cats. These are but a few of the many popular ones. There are also naked cats, in case you want one that doesn’t shed.

Rachel playing with Poe the cat. Media by Alison Perry.


Cats are amazing. They do funny things like chase lasers and eat your pizza rolls when you’re not looking. They are so irresistible that even people who are allergic want to hang out with them (like my friend Rachel who smothered herself with one in an attempt to have an allergic reaction and miss class).

The interesting facts about cats are never ending. How can you not fall in love with them?






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