Coach Profile: Dany Baker

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane.

This week’s coach’s profile is a coach who has flown under the radar. Not many people have had the opportunity to meet this man! This coach is none other than Dany Baker.

Baker is the head men’s and women’s golf coach. Baker has been a part of Greenville for only a year. He was first introduced to Greenville when he heard that we were starting golf back up and decided to send in a resume. Kent Krober helped him get hired to be a part of Greenville.

A little more insight on Bakers life: Baker was born 2/11/1957 in Troyes, France. Baker moved around a lot when he grew up. He went to ten schools in twelve years, during this time his father was in the service. Once they stopped moving around, Baker’s family settled in around Greenville. Baker attended Hillsboro High School where he played football for one year, during his senior year. Baker received MVP for that one year, which was his favorite memory from high school.

Coach Baker. Photo by Dany Baker.

Baker’s life was tragically turned around one afternoon. While Baker was traveling from Branson MO, he ran off the road and hit multiple trees head on. The accident happened on the Redball trail between Coffeen and Greenville, and to this day he still travels along this road to get to Greenville. This accident paralyzed Baker from the waist down. But the accident did not stop Baker. He still plays golf and has played golf for forty-four years. After the accident Bakers appreciation for golf is much greater because of his ability not to stand or walk. Baker decided to coach golf at Hillsboro High School and did so for many years, before transitioning to Greenville.


Baker has only been with Greenville for a year. He stated that “Greenville has definitely been a learning experience and Greenville is full of great people to work with and been a great help”. Baker has been very impressed with the small atmosphere of Greenville but with it comes very big results in all aspects. Being a part of Greenville’s community and part of the college means so much to Baker.

Transitioning to Greenville has been very easy for Baker, he has received a lot of help. Baker gets along with anyone that crosses his path and he will sure put a smile on your face. Baker is very knowledgeable when it comes to golf, but he is more than that. Baker went through a very tough obstacle in his life and with the helping hand of the community he was able to rise up and connect on a level he never knew possible. Baker knows his way around a golf course and always has the knowledge to make one better. Many of his athletes benefit from his teachings which they put to use during tournaments, their accomplishments reflect just how great Baker really is. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to Baker he is here to stay at Greenville for many years to come.



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