Greenville Golf Sinks Last Putt for Spring 2017

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane.

This past week, our 2017 Greenville College Golf sank their last tournament putt at The Rail golf course in Springfield, IL. The Panther’s golf team played in a total of seven tournaments, some of which were located in Greenville, IL, Springfield, IL, Iowa, and Missouri. This year was the golf team’s first year back in a long time. Just like most first year teams, it was a struggle. The guys on the team practiced hard and played well during their spring season. Many things were taught and learned for the team.

Panthers Receiving 2017 SLIAC All-Sportsmanship Team Provided by Ransom Cochrane


The team consisted of five guys, one girl, and one coach. Tyler Thorpe, Josh Jackson, Ransom Cochrane, Chris Brooks, Daniel Findley, Anastasia Chervinko, and Dany Baker as the head coach. For many of the athletes it was not their first time playing golf, but for one individual it was. Findley picked up the club, swung hard, and was committed to being a part of the team. Findley shot well over the several tournaments and improved his golf game. As for Thorpe and Cochrane, golf has been in their lives since around two and four, for Jackson and Brooks, it’s been about five years.


Ransom Cochrane Receiving the 2017 SLIAC All-Sportsmanship Award Provided by Ransom Cochrane

Going into the season Baker and the athletes knew they would not win the 2017 SLIAC tournament but they would practice, play, and compete as best as they could. On April 17th and 18th the 2017 golf team competed in the 2017 SLIAC golf tournament at Aberdeen golf club in Eureka, MO. The tournament was two days and consisted of walking 54 holes. Greenville placed eighth out of nine teams beating Eureka and finished close behind Westminster. Greenville did not leave empty handed, Greenville as a team won the 2017 SLIAC All-Sportsmanship team, and as an individual Cochrane won the 2017 SLIAC All-Sportsmanship award. Baker and his athletes competed in another tournament later in the week on April 21st and 22nd at The Rail in Springfield which consistent of walking eighteen each day. This tournament wrapped up the Panthers 2017 golf season.






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