Grey’s Anatomy Review

A picture of the original cast of Grey's.
Grey's Anatomy original cast.

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Bre Pollitt.

One of the world’s favorite dramas has been renewed for a 14th season. Many fans are wondering, “Should it have been?”

Grey’s Anatomy” remains one of ABC‘s top dramas even though most of the original cast is gone and the episode’s plots lack originality. Greenville College students, Alli Haug and Olivia Maurer, explained why they are fans of the show but think it should end. Check out the video interview below with Bre Pollitt.

These two ladies are die hard fans that have watched 13 seasons of the show, and they aren’t the only ones. Season 13 averaged nearly 8 million viewers per episode.

Some of Haug and Maurer’s favorite moments included Derek Shepard’s (McDreamy’s), proposal to Meredith Grey. Other notable moments were those between Cristina Yang and Meredith. Fans compiled myriads of lists of their favorite “Grey’s” moments online, including this one, which lets fans rank the suggested best moments. So far, Number 1 is called, “Pick Your ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Elevator Moment!”

Haug and Maurer’s least favorite “Grey’s Anatomy” moments involved plane crashes and shootings. The resulting deaths of characters made the episodes too emotional to enjoy. While our interviewees never mentioned abandoning the show after these types of episodes, other viewers have considered it. One article titled, “12 Times We Almost Quit Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy“, included the plane crash on their list. Their Number 1 worst moment was reported as McDreamy dying in a freak car crash.

Derek lying in a hospital bed with Meredith by his side.
A snapshot of one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the history of Grey’s. Source: E! Online


After all of the lost characters, debatable relationships, and iffy plot lines, millions of fans are still devoted to the show. While Haug and Maurer agreed that the show should have ended long before the thought of a 14th season, they both plan to watch it. Critics of the show agree with Haug and Maurer: the show’s plot leaves much to be desired since its longevity makes it difficult to create original storylines. Some viewers think that the characters are becoming more unlikeable since most of the show’s original cast is gone.

What do you think? Has “Grey’s Anatomy” gone on far too long, or does the show have more to offer? Let us know if you’re a fan of the drama. Comment about whether you’re looking forward to the 14th season or not!



  1. They need to just wrap up the end of the show. Should have not killed off Derek. Meredith and the others are now just tired, bitter old people. Just keep watching season 1-3 over and over again.


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