Leadership in LaDue: Spark Leadership Conference

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Quinten Brown.

Greenville is fortunate to have dynamic and charismatic leaders. This April, some of those leaders imparted their wisdom on eager audiences. On April 10, GCSA hosted the Spark Leadership Conference in LaDue Auditorium under the theme: “Leadership in the Workplace.” Throughout the evening, a host of speakers tackled several aspects of leadership.

Roy Mulholland lecturing to engaged Greenville College students. Photo by Quinten Brown

Professor and Coach Roy Mulholland talked about leadership in athletics. Mulholland, who holds 32 years of experience in teaching and coaching, began his presentation with a video about humanity and technology obsession. His point being,

“there is no I in leader.”

After joking that there was an I in leadership, Mulholland pressed onto his point.

“Leadership must be about the we, and you must know what you are about.”

Using the basketball mission statement as a launchpad, Mulholland explained that the statement is grounded in core values. Their mission statement also illustrates priorities about being a Christian first and then student, teammate, and athlete.

Ivan Esteves explaining how to be a leader as an educator. Photo by Quinten Brown

Another dynamic speaker was Ivan Estevez who spoke on leadership in education. Estevez’s goal was to give the audience 10 essentials to being a true leader. Examples of some of the keys include: “loving what you do” and “[being] able to adjust.” As a high school, Spanish, and Physical Education teacher, Estevez works with a variety of students and adapts to the learning styles of each class.

Mayor Alan Gaffner gave a talk on leadership in community, Jennifer Dunkley gave a talk on leadership in ministry, and there were many other informative and engaging talks as well. Students in attendance came away from the event with gems of knowledge, including senior Claire Sattler. Sattler highlighted Estevez’s talk on education and his point of loving what you do being vital to leadership. Each speaker gave valuable tips and helped attendees and students of Greenville learn how to display leadership in the workplace.


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