League of Learning: Attack Damage Carry

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Written and Media by Miguel Fabela.

Hello, and welcome to another article about League of Legends! Yes, you got it right! League of Legends, the eSport. In the last article about League of Legends, we just talked about the basics of the game and the tasks each player tries to accomplish. Today we are going to go in more detail about a specific role, and that role is the “Attack Damage Carry.” This role is also known as the ADC. The ADC is one of the teammates that makes the flashy plays and gets on montage videos like the one below. Check it out!


The ADC is one of the two “carry” roles on your team, along with the mid laner. The carry role simply refers to one player who the team relies on to deal the damage to win the game. The objectives the ADC are simple: farm to gain creep score (CS), position yourself to do consistent damage to the enemy team, and do not die.


What is farming, and what is creep score? Farming is an objective for every role in the game, but it consists of “last hitting” the enemy creeps. In short, this is done to minions to gain the gold from killing them. You can only gain the gold from killing creeps if it is the killing blow to that specific minion. Creep score, more commonly known as CS, is the amount of creeps you have killed and the numerical value that will appear throughout the game.

This is what farming minions in a lane looks like. The champion in the red is “last hitting” the minion for gold.
Source: Miguel Fabela


The next objective is known as positioning. This is a variable that is constantly changing because the enemy team is always altering their position. The focus is to make sure you can safely deal damage to the enemy, while still maintaining a safe distance from their damage in return.


In the laning phase (the time when you are staying in your assigned lane), fights between you and the enemy ADC are called trades. Essentially, a good trade is when you deal damage to the enemy while taking little to no damage from them. This allows you to have the advantage in health over them.


Trading eventually turns into team fighting as the game progresses. In team fighting is where “positioning” is the key to staying alive and winning the fight. Positioning yourself the furthest away from danger, while still being able to deal out damage, is optimal. Traditionally, an ADC’s position will be in the backline with the other carry role.


This photo was taken during a pro League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) match. Great representation of what the front, mid and back lines are. Source: team-dignitas.net

The picture above is a representation of where the ADC should be in a team fight. You have your frontline that consists of tanks, which will soak up the damage coming from the enemy carries. Next, you have the midline where you have the bruisers and supports backing up the frontline. Lastly, you have the backline where the damage comes from your carries.


The final objective that may be the most important for every role, but especially the ADC, is to not DIE. Dying gives the enemy more gold, and this allows the enemy to buy more items that could potentially cause additional harm. 

The video below is a more in-depth guide on what it takes to be a great ADC. If you are interested, take a look at the video to get visual aids on correct positioning and CS. It also gives what not to do, so keep an eye out for those things! These are just the basics of what it takes to be an ADC in eSports League of Legends. Keep on the lookout for next week’s article over a new role!


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