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Written and Media by Taylor Ratcliffe.

Gatorade, Powerade, and water are all popular drinks for replenishing electrolytes after a hard workout session or long day. Now, there’s a new product on the line unlike any of the others: Nuun.

Nuun logo. Photo by: Nuun

Nuun replenishes electrolytes, but rather than being in a sports bottle, it starts off in tablet form. The user adds the tablet to his or her drink, preferably water, and then the drink is filled with healthy electrolytes! The tablet comes in many varying flavors based on the type of Nuun. Nuun has a few different product lines: active, energy, plus, and vitamins. Each tablet does something new and novel. The active tablets help replenish depleted electrolytes. The active line is like a sports drink, and because of this, clean ingredients are used. Nuun’s key motto is to keep it plant-based. This is especially true in the energy series.

Nuun’s energy series has electrolytes and includes B vitamins and caffeine from green tea extract (most sport’s drinks use a lot of caffeine that’s not plant based). Nuun only has 40 grams of caffeine! Most pre-workouts have at least 150 grams… at least. This prevents the dreaded caffeine migraine.

Nuun tablets. Photo by:

Nuun also has a tablet known as Plus. This product needs to be taken with the Nuun active product. The company understands that bodies lose nutrients faster than can be put back in during an intense workout; so, Plus helps replenish those nutrients a little faster because of the added carbohydrates. Because important nutrients are being replenished, the body is more likely to perform better because it will not tire as easily. The only downside is that the user has to determine the best serving size based on their workout needs. It’s not just a tablet and go sort of thing; it could be one tablet, it could be two. It all depends.

The vitamin series, however, can be used in everyday life. It doesn’t matter if there’s a workout session at all! It’s always good to get the daily required vitamins in, and Nuun can offer that in a healthy way. Nuun’s main motto is to keep all of their products clean and healthy. They do this by using only plants. Because of this, all of their products are gluten-free and soy and dairy free. Even those with a gluten intolerance may feel free to partake! Nuun is sure to revolutionize the sport drink industry. Maybe even teaching companies how to create pre-workouts in a healthier way.


Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Powerade. Some pre-workouts have way too much caffeine. After doing research on Nuun, I would honestly like to try it; whether that be during a workout or in the morning for my daily vitamins. Their all natural approach is very appealing in a world full of sugar and carbonation.  


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