Smaller Vs. Larger

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Written and media by Paige Lunde.

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What is the difference between a small town and a large town? Is there a difference or is it all in our heads? Have we been telling ourselves that each is different just because or is there actually a reason behind it?

Small towns are great. A good portion of the time everyone lives within walking distance and knows each other’s names. Other times, everyone lives so far away that you have to take a car ride just to get to them. But, hey, the scenery is usually nice. That is awesome, right? The downside is that everyone knows everybody’s business, which can also get really old really fast.

Large towns are great as well. There are a lot more activities going on; nothing boring ever seems to happen. Not to mention there is always a party or a get together happening just down the street. But maybe the downside is that individuals do not know each other as well as if they lived in a small town. Is that a bad thing? Not to know everybody as well as you know yourself? Or is it for the better? How do we know that living in a smaller town is better than a large town, or vise versa?

The difference between a small town and a large town is the places to go. For small towns, you primarily have a school, a park (if you are lucky), a gas station, and a church. For a large town, you have many different places. You have restaurants, fast food joints, churches, parks, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, theaters, etc. You do not have that many options for a small town unless you take a thirty minute to an hour drive away.

The difference between a small town and a large town is the people you know. For a small town, you know everybody. Mostly because you have lived there since you were born, and every single adult has seen you in diapers. Yeah, it can get annoying, but you know you are loved, and you know that the people around you will look out for you. For large towns, you may think you know everybody. Really that is because you know some people and then you know OF others, but you do not truly know everybody living in your town. But, hey, that just means there is always someone new to meet right around the corner.

There are many differences between small towns and large towns, many that are not listed (you can Google them if you are interested). But the question we may want to ask is, which benefits us more? One where everybody knows what is going on in your life and wants to get involved? Or one where you only know a handful of people, and there are hundreds more who do not even care what happens to you?


Picture of Cork City. Photo from Squarespace.


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