Spark Leadership Conference: Phil Siefken

Written and Media by: Olivia Maurer and Kalynn Pierce

On Monday night at the Spark Leadership Conference, Greenville College had the honor of having Dr. Phil Siefken come and talk to students and staff about leadership in the medical field. He talked about the challenges one faces when they are committed to a life in the medical field, which requires many years of rigorous schooling and training.

Phil Siefken’s main point was that God gave each and every person certain gifts and talents, and everyone needs to listen to God and share that gift. He talked about how in medical school, there are 3 areas of your life: academics, social life and sleep. While in school, you have to pick 2 areas to focus on, because it’s so intense and difficult. During his talk, he showed the students that physicians are leaders in commitment to a cause, and they’re very good at delayed gratification, which is very important in that field.

Check out the live video below!




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