Spark Leadership Conference: Roy Mulholland

Article and Media by Olivia Maurer and Kalynn Pierce

On Monday night, there was a Spark Leadership Conference where many professors and other Greenville leaders came and talked to students about what it means to be a leader in each area of your life. Every speaker showed different ways leadership and has manifested it in their lives. They spoke to students about how they can apply it to their own lives as well.

Roy Mulholland was one of the speakers, and he spoke on leadership in athletics. Not only did he talk about being a coach and leading in that way, but he related it to how to be a Christian leader in the world as well. Some of the topics he covered were how there is no “I” in leader, how true leadership is “we” focused, and how each and every person who is a Christ follower should be involved in their profession, make connections, and interact with people.

If you missed his speech at the conference, watch the video that was recorded live here!





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