The Collegiate Sport You Didn’t Know About

Written and Media by Quinten Brown.

Is collegiate Bass Fishing really a thing? This might be your reaction to fishing being a collegiate sport. You might be wondering, “Is this actually competitive?”, Who would join a bass fishing team?”, or “How does this work?” Here are the answers to all of your questions:

Chance Scott and Jacob Begley of Greenville College weigh in a stout 18lb bag on the first day of a Bassmaster Collegiate event -Photo by Quinten Brown

Currently, there are over 280 collegiate fishing teams across the country. Bass Fishing is one of the fastest growing college sports at this time with over 400 competitors (it’s certainly not unheard of to see 100 to 150 boats show up to a major tournament). Teams drive thousands of miles each year to compete in these coveted tournaments. Each boat is allowed two people in their attempt to catch a limit of fish. The team with the heaviest combined weight over the duration of the tournament is declared winner.

Depending on how a team places, they are given “School of the Year” points that go towards the entire fishing program that anglers take part in. The college, or university, that has the most points at the end of the year, wins the title, “School of the Year.”

In the last decade, the fishing industry has exploded. Many anglers are looking to make a career in the industry. Whether it be working in marketing for some of the big names or wanting to go pro, it’s not just college fun for students. It appears that these dreams and aspirations are not too far out of reach with the relatively new concept of collegiate fishing. For example, the platform that Cabela’s created through the Association of Collegiate Anglers (ACA) has given young anglers a chance to showcase their skills as well as make connections.

Another good bag was caught by Ben Fouts and Jeffery DeMacabalin at the same Bassmaster event -Photo by Quinten Brown

Well, now you know! Collegiate Bass Fishing is a growing sport that hasn’t shown signs of slowing down anytime soon. Spread the word and keep up with the rankings at

It’s time for me to grab a rod, reel, and my favorite bait. See you out on the water!


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