What Makes A Good Leader?

Written by Kalynn Pierce. Media by Olivia Maurer.

Many people have a desire to be a leader. However, many don’t realize what it takes to be a leader and a good one. We had the privilege to go live at the first ever Spark Leadership conference at Greenville College to hear many leaders speak about their experiences while learning to be successful leaders.The event began with a word from Suzanne Davis, the dean of the Briner School of Business. Her topic was “Leadership In Business”. She was asked what kinds of qualities are beneficial for businessmen and women to have in the workplace. She started out with a quote “We do not have to be the best to be effective but we do have to be at our best!” Being at our best doesn’t mean we have to do things alone, especially as Christians. Davis says that a successful leader begins their journey on their knees. She encouraged us to be bold, to try, and to not be afraid to fail. Have that “Salt and Light” mentality that Bob Briner, whom the school of business was named after, mentions in his book “Roaring Lambs“.
Once you know what it means to be a leader, Davis explains that you have to know what your focus is. What are you passionate about? What is your unique skill-set? To be a successful leader, you must find what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at and develop those things. Davis stressed that knowing these things and being confident in them is one of the most important aspects of being a successful leader.
Davis also shared some concepts that have helped her be the leader she is today. “With many advisors, plans succeed” she says that having people you trust that will tell you the truth no matter what is very important. “You need to check your blind spots” Davis said. “Seed must fall on good soil” your foundation is very important. Without a good foundation, you are easily swayed. Finally, “Serve, don’t be served”, a good leader isn’t just after what they can get out of things, they seek to serve those they are leading.
The presentation ended on a more personal note. Davis shared a song she turns to for encouragement and reminds her of where she needs to keep her focus at. The song is written by Audrey Assad titled “I Shall Not Want”.

If you would like to hear the entire presentation click the link above to watch the live video.


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