A Senior Farewell

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Ben Isaacs.

(From left to right) Claire Sattler (right), Brent McCollum (left), Rebecca Munshaw (left), and Corbin Quinonez.

The 2016-2017 school year is ending. Professors are reminding students about finals, and students are calculating if they need to attend every chapel and vespers in order to reach thirty-six mandatory credits. Everyone is dreaming of summer. All of this means that seniors must say goodbye.

Four Greenville Students who are graduating are Brent McCollum, Corbin Quinonez, Claire Sattler, and Rebecca Munshaw. All of them have offered to share a glimpse into their lives at Greenville with the Papyrus.The journey for each senior began differently. While both McCollum and Quinonez received calls for sports (soccer and football respectively), Quinonez was initially going to stay in California and McCollum had completed a wide range of applications. As for Munshaw, she felt “like she fit here” and Sattler “kept coming back to Greenville” after visiting numerous schools.

But once they came here, each made the most of their time. Both Quinonez and McCollum participated in GCSA and athletics, and both Munshaw and Sattler participated in Res Life. Their decisions to come to this school, and their decisions to participate in extra-curricular activities, would change each of their lives.  Each met countless friends, staff, and faculty that helped them along this journey.

Photo of Rose Marinucci. Photo from Rose Marinucci

Rose Marinucci is one of these people for Sattler, who says, “Rose has taught me how to love myself well in order to best love others”. And for Quinonez, Professor Jane Bell and Norm Hall proved instrumental in his journey into the business world. Just like each senior has had someone inspire them, they also look to inspire future students.

“There’s a healthy amount of pressure but allow yourself to make mistakes,” McCollum reminds before adding, “Don’t take any opportunity for granted.” Munshaw expressed a similar sentiment as she urged incoming freshman to take advantage of the activities that Greenville offers. Sattler’s final advice is to do what you’ll remember:

“If you’re trying to choose between doing homework or doing something that you’ll remember forever, choose the latter. The homework will get done, but you’ll likely never live in this sort of community again.”

The school year is coming to an end, and many are saying their goodbyes. So, good luck to our seniors. You will be missed, and thank you for your wisdom!


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