Face It: The Year’s Worst Beauty Trends

A photo of Alli Haug with some messy makeup.
Alli Haug posing after she tried the lollipop lips look. Photo by Bre Pollitt

Media by Bre Pollitt.

The past year brought some truly amazing trends in the beauty industry. I’m talking nails. No, sorry, I meant NAILS. Blinding and dazzling us all were metallic nails while nail powder videos were hypnotizing to watch (but probably impossible to replicate) and holographic nails gave us a glimpse into the future. However, not all beauty trends were as remarkable. In fact, there were some pretty clear misfires. Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the worst trends that hit Instagram this year.

1. Fake Freckles

Let’s be real–you already look fierce. You don’t need fake freckles to complete the look. But, I suppose, if you have freckle envy, it’s okay to draw a few on until you get caught in the rain and end up with stripes instead of spots. If you don’t want to risk that and just need some freckles, look into freckles tattoos. After the face tattoos, people will know just how tough you are and be afraid to criticize the freckles.

Alli Haug rocking those fake freckles. Photo by Bre Pollitt.

2. Lollipop Lips

This strange lipstick fad is called “Snogged Lips” for a reason. The messier, the better, when it comes to this look. If lipstick isn’t your strong suit, the smudged nature of lollipop lips will let you flaunt your favorite shade without worrying about staying in the lines. I’ll be right there with you… but probably by accident.


Which came first, the Unicorn Frappucino or the unicorn beauty trends? There’s unicorn hair styles with an actual horn. There are also so many types of unicorn nails that it’s hard to pick the worst one… although, these are kind of cute. And, of course, unicorn makeup. Please leave those poor imaginary creatures alone.

Just an example of unicorn hair. In case you’re wondering, that is a horn fashioned out of hair. Source: today.com


4. The Most Painful Face Mask

Although the YouTube videos are pretty hilarious, why would you put yourself through this pain? The guys who made it out said they were lucky to have survived. This monster serum rips things out of your face indiscriminately–hair, blackheads, epidermis–they’re all gone. On a side note, I need to try it.

5. Glitter Hair Roots

I understand the appeal of this one. I get it. Glitter roots are really pretty and fun-looking. People are putting glitter on everything nowadays. Eyes aren’t even safe (and no, I’m not referring to eyeshadow)! But just think of the aftermath: glitter and glue creating a crusty helmet in your hair, and glitter dandruff after countless showers. Is it really worth it?

6. Feather Brows

I’m not even mad. I’m just disappointed. Please put your eyebrows back where they belong.

7. Using Things That Aren’t Beauty Blenders As Beauty Blenders

If you were wondering, it’s not that easy to put your makeup on with an egg. Or Peeps (trust me on that one). Or balloons. What’s wrong with beauty blenders? We’ve even been blessed with the SiliSponge and you want to put an egg on your face? Please start a different trend.

Balloons as beauty blenders featuring Alli Haug. Photo by Bre Pollitt.


While these trends were the worst in my eyes, I’ve got to say that if it works for you, just go ahead and rock it! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these, or if there are any trends that should have made the “worst” list.


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