Football Recruiting 101

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane.

Every player and coach has a story. As sports and the world change, athletes must adapt to get their name out there. Nowadays, most athletes use the internet to stick out of a crowd.

Recruiting used to mean flying or driving across the country to talk to a player. Eventually, there was the option to send in film on a VHS (which transitioned to DVD), and now online videos can be sent through a simple text or email. Many coaches have adapted to this new scene and pick players by film and accomplishments. Contacting players only takes seconds, whereas, it used to take much longer being done in person or by mail. But, how do players get noticed by these coaches?

It takes a lot of time to make the right film and distribute it to the right coaches and teams. Attending camps can help get a player seen as well as put their name out there. Of course, advertising online and in person is always a good way to promote yourself. Most players pay a fee and use a recruiting coach, or do it all on their own.

What matters is where you end up. It is every players dream to play at the next level. The ones who succeed have mastered the art of recruiting. But, how can one do this? Well, some of our very own coaches on the Greenville College Football team are here to explain what they look for in potential recruits. Utilizing these tips will help you get to the next level. Watch and listen to our very own coaches explain what it takes to get there!


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