Barbecue at GU

GU BBQ Source: Anonymous

Written by Kieshaun Young-Jones. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Welcome back to what is now Greenville University (as we are fulfilling the wonderful transition from Greenville College)!  Everyone’s back and ready for the new school year, but with all of the moving in and running from class to class, many students and teachers lose track of time. Thankfully GU always has activities or gatherings that allow all the students and even some of the faculty time to interact with one another.

Source: First Medok

Thursday, August 31, 2017, was a finger-licking good day as Greenville natives whipped up some of the best BBQ GU has had thus far. It was the 3rd day of school, and World renowned BBQ extraordinaire, Wes Pourchot, was on campus, setting up shop right on Paige Circle. The menu included smoked pork-chops, brats, pork-burgers, and pulled pork. It was definitely a hard choice on which one to get. The line was long, but it sure did move along quickly as students rushed out of class for a decent lunch break.

The BBQ crew doing their thing!
Source: Anonymous

The barbecue did not just bring positivity to GU students, but great satisfaction to the taste buds as well. Students were out enjoying the great weather, eating good food, and soaking up the sun. Jahari Dix was a big fan, and stated, “We need to have this type of food in the DC.” He emphasized how good the food was to him in between bites. Dix was not the only one found enjoying the delicious meat. Students and staff all over campus just could not seem to get enough. This new setting brought everyone together. Just asking people how their food tasted and which they found the best was actually amusing. Let’s just say the DC had some pretty stiff competition.

Source: Zanotto’s Family Market’s BBQ

This special occasion is something the whole student body can agree on having more of around campus. Food is something everyone can enjoy, especially when there is a variety for people to choose from. This allows people on campus to come out and try new things because not everyone has experienced the same kinds of food.

I am sure most have heard about the tragic hurricane that has happened down in Texas. You may or may not be aware, but it was the cause which brought about the BBQ. Due to the floods, destruction, injured, and deceased, Greenville University was graceful enough to try to lend a helping hand. It is because of this love and the act of giving that proceeds will go to World Outreach and Missions, and Hurricane Harvey relief. Little things like this do not only bring the students together, but it is also bringing together the victims of another state as well.  The proceeds going to Harvey Relief remind people that others do care and are trying to help out, even if they are not able to physically be there. So on behalf of Greenville University Papyrus, thanks to all who came out on Thursday and were able to show their support to the people of Texas!


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