Can Men’s Basketball “3-Peat”?

The 201602017 Men's Basketball Team in Celebration. Source: Greenville Men's Basketball Facebook Page

Written and Media by Christian Caldozo.

Senior Men’s Basketball Player Ethan Leib. Source: GU Men’s Basketball

A new dawn has come to the small town known as Greenville, Illinois. With the upcoming transition of the college becoming a university, one can expect many changes to come. Whether in academics, campus living, or sports, there are plenty of new developments coming around this school year that students can be excited for. One of the biggest changes to be expected on campus is how different the men’s basketball team roster will look this year. Having lost nine graduating seniors from last year’s program, only 11 players are set to return.

New Greenville University students might ask, “What is so special about the men’s basketball team?” Without a doubt, it is the fact that the men’s basketball program has been on the rise during the past two years. It all started when they changed their playing style to a more up-tempo offensive juggernaut, also known as “The System”. This change has helped the team place first in the SLIAC Conference the past two years. In last year’s dominating season, the team came away with an impressive 21-6 record!

Men’s Basketball Team in Action. Source: Christian Caldozo

Without question, the men’s basketball team brings excitement to the Greenville University campus as well as the community. With the past success of the program in the SLIAC Conference, one might ask, “Can they ‘3-peat’ their success?” Expectations have been set for the program and its new roster. This year there are 37 players in the program, including 11 returners, 9 junior college transfers, and 17 freshmen. How will the team be able to cope with all these new players?

Senior Captain Ethan Leib gives a little insight on what to expect from the program at this point and throughout the season. He says, “It’s going to be a little difficult [adjusting to the new players], especially remembering everyone’s names. But as the school year goes on, you get to know and spend time with the guys… I believe in the coaching staff and they [will] do the best they can to prepare us for the season.”

With all the new faces on the team, it is easy to question the probability of placing first in the SLIAC Conference, especially for the third year in a row. With the trusted staff, led by Coach George Barber and his right-hand man Coach Stephen Groves, one can expect big things from the program this year. The team has already started their preseason workouts and have gotten a good feel for how they are going to look. Fingers crossed they can earn that ‘3-peat’!

The 2016-2017 Men’s Basketball Team. Source: Greenville University Basketball Twitter

For the full interview with Senior Captain Ethan Leib, click below.


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