Basketball Profile: Isiah Price

Written and Media by Barry Nixon.


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Isiah Price is one of Greenville’s first-year basketball players. When asked what he found exciting about his first year on the team, Isaiah replied, “Being a part of the new culture and coaching staff. I also like being in a different state and having the opportunity to play for a new program.”

Price is a junior college transfer from West Los Angeles, California, where he grew up and attended Fairfax High School. When he was younger, Price played AAU basketball for Team Magic from Los Angeles. Playing for Team Magic allowed Price to travel across the nation playing in various tournaments against some of the best talents in the nation. Price said, “growing up in Los Angeles was a very fast-paced life. I lived mostly in South Central where it was very hard to live due to moving around a lot with my grandmother and mom. Everyday was a grind to pursue my education and basketball career. My mom and brother always made sure that my schoolwork was a priority before basketball and that basketball would always be there in the long-run.”  

Price was given the nickname I.P. from his AAU coach.  Going into his senior year of high school Price played against some of the top prospects in the nation. He competed against Stanley Johnson, who plays for the Detroit Pistons, Lonzo Ball, who was a number two pick in the 2017 NBA draft selected by the Los Angeles Lakers, and Tra Holder who plays for Arizona State’s men’s basketball program.

Going toward the end of his high school season Price was an undecided senior choosing between Santa Monica College and West Los Angeles College. Regarding his decision to come to Greenville, Price explained, “After graduating from my junior college my mom wanted me to continue to get an education and to continue to play basketball as well. My mom also wanted to me to stay close to home until I met Coach Barber and Coach Groves. The first time actually meeting Coach Barber was a great experience. I never had an coach actually come visit me to recruit me. I felt that genuine love and passion when he came to visit me and my mom at my junior college. From that day on, I was convinced that Greenville was the place for me and that I wanted to sign and further my career at  Greenville University.”


Becoming a student at the University has made Price’s viewpoint about school change. Being a resident of California his whole life has made him see the world differently. Concerning Greenville, Price states, “I love seeing new things in life and experiencing the new culture. Seeing and meeting new people who come from different states allows me to see the different views in people’s lives.” Price loves being around his new teammates and coaches. He believes that if his team works hard and gets better daily, that it will allow him to push himself to become the best athlete that he can be. In conclusion, when asked what’s one thing he would like to accomplish before leaving Greenville and that was “ To win a National championship and get a ring”.

In conclusion, when asked what the one thing he would like to accomplish before leaving Greenville is, Price said, “To win a national championship and get a ring.”


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