Senior Captain Story: Kealin McLean

Kealin McLean hanging with friends Image by GU Papyrus

Written and Media by Christian Caldozo.

With basketball season approaching at Greenville, we can expect exciting things from the Men’s Basketball Team. But how are these athletes off the court? Fans tend to see players flying around, scoring high numbers, and getting plenty of steals because of Coach Barber’s high paced “System” offense, but how about we get to know one of the team’s top contributors on a more individual basis? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kealin McLean.

Senior Kealin McLean during the 2016-2017 Basketball Season. Image by Greenville University Basketball

McLean is a senior captain from Chicago, Illinois. He is a forward that brings good size being 6 foot, 3 inches tall. He is insanely athletic and able to dunk from all different types of angles, having almost won the dunk competition in last year’s midnight madness. He first came to Greenville University in 2016 when he transferred from the College of Lake County, which is the junior college he went to. When asked about his expectations for this season he says, “We hope to host the conference tournament here again, to win out the conference, and make it to the NCAA tournament this year. Nothing else, nothing less.” McLean holds his standards high because of his team’s past successes which he proudly took part in.

Kealin McLean at his junior college, College of Lake County. Image by College of Lake County Basketball

Off the court, McLean is a Marketing Major who is graduating in the Spring of 2018. He plans on getting an internship right after graduation and seeing where life takes him from there. McLean’s favorite subject in school is Business; he enjoys all the Business classes he has taken for his major. McLean also enjoys several activities off the court and outside of school. He says, “Things I like to do are listening to music and writing. Specifically for myself, like inspirational stuff to put up on my walls.” McLean puts a lot of his free time toward these passions, and when he is not on the court or doing homework in the library, he can typically be found with his headphones in listening to all kinds of music. His favorite music genre is hip-hop and his favorite artist is J. Cole. He also listens to a lot of R&B, and specifically enjoys old 90’s R&B, especially if he has someone to listen in with, like his roommate, Christian Caldozo. McLean is a very laid back individual, but he is also very outgoing. One might consider him to be pretty popular because he is not afraid to talk to others and meet new people.

When asked how he enjoys student life, McLean says, “[It is] a lot of long nights and early mornings to be honest. Because you do a lot of practicing early in the mornings, and you do a lot of homework late at night…, it is a lot of time management going into it.” McLean demonstrates his commitment to both school and sports by actively exercising and studying. When he’s not in the gym, McLean can be found, more often than not, hard at work in the library.

Kealin McLean plans on doing big things this year both on and off the court, and he has been preparing all summer and fall for this upcoming season! Be sure to say hi to him if you see him around campus; he would love to talk and get to know more of his fellow students!

Check out Mclean’s junior college highlights below!


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