The Battle for the Golden Plunger: The Revival of Plungerball

With a score of 6-2, Black Team come out victorious to claim their Plungerball title.

Written and Media by Kyle Spriggs.

On September 12, residence halls went to battle in the Rec Center with the game of Plungerball. Plungerball is a game composed of a mixture of three sports: dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.

To start a round, a tipoff between both teams occurs in the center of the court. After some time has passed with only one ball in play, a second ball is added to the mix. These rainbow-colored balls are either passed, thrown or kicked to other players in order to knock the red ball off the opposing team’s plunger and scoring a point for their own team. When a player has possession of the rainbow ball, they are allowed to take two or three steps either before or after the catch, similar to the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, to either pass to another player or take a shot at the post. Once a team drops the ball, the opposing team gets possession. Around each pole, teams are allowed to have two goalies to protect their post. Similar to Soccer, a circle outlines the “goalie area” around the posts. This area is only for goalies to play in. Shooters must take shots from outside the circle.

Teams were divided by residence hall: Joy and Janssen (Black Team) versus Hood and Holtwick (White Team). The last time Plungerball was played, which was two years ago, only Joy and Janssen halls were involved. This time, Hood and Holtwick were in the mix to get more people involved with the popular student game. In addition to the expanded teams, Plungerball drew a large crowd of students cheering on their respected residence halls. With a final score of 6-2, Joy and Janssen won the coveted Golden Plunger and reclaimed their title of Plungerball champions.

For more about this event, check out the Facebook live video below:

We are #live with Plungerball! Greenville University

Posted by The GU Papyrus on Tuesday, September 12, 2017


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