The Joy of DJ Khaled’s Life

Written by Josh Robinson. Media by Kayla Morton.

DJ Khaled and Son, Asahd – Source: DJ Khaled/Instagram

DJ Khaled has had a successful run in 2017, with his top singles rating number 1 on billboards during the summer. He made hot tracks with many other top artists such as Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jay Z, especially with his latest album, Grateful. But he couldn’t have done it without motivation. When people ask Khaled, “What motivates you?” he always tells them that his son, Asahd, is the reason he makes music. As you can see, Khaled is grateful that Asahd is now a major part of his life.

Khaled and his wife gave birth to Asahd on October 23, 2016. He is now eight months old and is the topic everyone is buzzing about. He’s appeared on Khaled’s Instagram dancing with his father and taking naps after a long day. Get this: Asahd even has his own Instagram as a baby! A proud father, Khaled is so thankful that he’s been able to become a father. He is happy, living life with no conflicts, and spending time with his family even more now that Asahd is in the picture.

Asahd Khaled – Source: DJ Khaled/Instagram

Asahd is not only Khaled’s son; he is also his biggest helper when his father is at work in the studio. Khaled said that the eight-month-old helped him with his latest album, Grateful. He helped choose the songs that were going to be on the album. Whenever Asahd bobbed his head to the song and had a big smile on his face, Khaled knew that it was a hit. He liked so many songs that Khaled had to put 23 tracks on the album. Asahd was able to meet and hang out with many famous artists such as Jay Z, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce. With Asahd’s help, Grateful was released on June 23, and after a while, it reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, with singles such as “I’m the One” and “To the Max”.

Asahd even made an appearance at the 2017 BET Awards ceremony. He walked with his father on the red carpet while wearing a blue tuxedo. Not only did he make an appearance on the red carpet, Asahd also performed the single, “I’m the One” on stage with his old man. Everybody focused so much attention on the eight-month-old that Asahd basically stole the spotlight from Khaled. But he didn’t mind; Khaled was just happy to have his son up on stage with him, in his arms, while performing.


DJ Khaled and Family at the BET Awards – Source: Hollywood Life

Ash not only helped DJ Khaled with making a number 1 album, he also helped him overcome his fear of flying on planes. For ten years, Khaled had refused to fly on a plane to go on tour. No matter how many people offered and encouraged him to fly, he would turn them down. But, when he was asked to fly this year, Khaled took his son with him. He said that if Asahd could do it, then so could he. He is grateful to have his son right by his side, doing the impossible, and helping him be successful.


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