Track and Field Profile: Marideth Tate

Photo by Mitchell Hooten

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten.

If you’ve ever met a person that is so friendly that they can strike up a conversation with anyone and become friends with that person then that’s senior thrower, Marideth Tate. This is her fourth year being on the Track and Field Team at Greenville University and she has become a well-known face around campus.  Marideth is an NCCAA  All-American in the hammer throw and also a SLIAC Conference Champion in the hammer throw this past season.  Marideth is the leader of the women’s group of throwers, and being the only senior female thrower she helps the other women throwers when they need a hand.

Marideth with her 3rd place medal Source: Facebook

In Marideth’s career at Greenville, she has accomplished many things from the classroom to the throwing ring. She has been a great student in her four years of being at Greenville and is a great role model when it comes to getting good grades in her classes. As a Sport Management major, she has taken many classes that have proven difficult, but she has remained positive through them and has been successful.  Regarding her academic success, Marideth says, “The professors have shown me that they want me to be at my best, so I put my best into my work.” Marideth’s dream job is being an Athletic Director at a school so she could be in charge of the sports teams. The amount of information she knows about sports could even rival a sports reporter.

Her throwing career has not been the smoothest road at times, including getting injured before Nationals and not hitting the big throw when she needed it. But during her time in Greenville, she has been a valuable asset to the team in providing an energetic attitude and helping the team at competitions with scoring points. One example is this past season at the Outdoor Christian Nationals, where she got third in the hammer to help the women’s’ team finish sixth of out of 21 teams.

Marideth’s track career wasn’t fully successful till she got to Greenville where she met throwing Coach Tom Broomfield, who helped her realize how good she could be. Coach Broomfield’s thoughts on Marideth are: “She is an athlete that has overcome some obstacles and injuries while developing herself into a terrific thrower. She has become a confident thrower in events she was not sure about when she arrived here and continues to grow in the development of her events.”

The goals that Marideth has set out to achieve this year are very realistic. The first one is to just have fun while throwing and not worrying about anything else. This goal is most important to her since achieving it will, in turn, help her achieve her other goals. Her second goal is to at least finish in the top three at Christian Nationals indoor and outdoor. Her final goal for this year is to try to break the hammer record this year, which she close to doing. Marideth is hopeful to achieve these goals this year, and in the words of Coach Broomfield, “It only takes one” to hit that big throw.

Greenville has been a special place for Marideth; in her four years here she has made lifelong friendships and has changed as a person. The legacy that Marideth will leave is one that will live on in the future generations of throwers that come through Greenville.


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