GU Spotlight: Allyson Mitchell & the Women’s Volleyball Team

Allyson Mitchell
Allyson Mitchell

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Allyson Mitchel. Source:

Allyson Mitchell is a name you have probably heard around campus lately. Her name is well known right now because she recently set the “kill” record for volleyball here at GU with 1,373 kills. A kill is when the ball is hit and cannot be returned, which equals a point. This is an outstanding accomplishment for her, but it has taken her a long time to get where she is now. Let’s talk a little bit about her story.

The sweet and smiling senior is from Gurnee, IL. Her journey to GU started her junior year of high school when Coach Ackerman recruited her. He quickly saw something special about Allyson. When she began looking at Greenville, she was a little hesitant to go to a school in the middle of nowhere but knew she wanted to attend a Christian school. She decided to give it a shot and says, “It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” She really feels that she has been blessed with more than just a volleyball career, but a community of people that truly love her.

Allyson explained why she chose Greenville University and what she likes most about it. She said what most students say when they come here. Allyson loves the small school atmosphere and how every sports team supports one another. Not only do the students support each other, but she loves how the professors and faculty “truly invest in their student’s lives.” Quite often you’ll see students having coffee with professors or you’ll see them in the stands cheering on the athletics. It’s support like this that got Allyson where she is today.

Allyson Mitchell and Kirsten Laune after their 2016 Conference Championship win
Source: Brittni Bell

People like friends, professors, coaches, teammates and even alumni helped Allyson get this record in many different ways. She believes she would not be successful if it were not for them. Even the program as a whole has impacted her life more than she could have imagined. “I came in as a very selfish player and quickly learned that Greenville volleyball is solely about putting others before yourself.” She realizes she could not have done it without the help with all of her setters each year she has been here.

2017 graduate, Kirsten Laune, set two of her four years here. “She is one teammate I cannot thank enough. She knew how and when to set the ball and was the best leader I have ever played with.” It is easy to receive all the credit, but Allyson has never forgotten that she could not do it without every single person on that court. “I cannot do it without the dedication, skill, and teamwork from my liberos and setters.” This made all of the preseasons, early morning lifting sessions, conditioning, and ice baths worth it. She would like to thank her teammates for putting in long hours of work to make the team better. “It has been a fun ride and I am very blessed for this opportunity to glorify Jesus Christ in the athletic abilities he has blessed me with.”

2017 Greenville University Women’s Volleyball Team Photo. Source:

Allyson and the rest of the women’s volleyball team continue to do great things as they have been the past seven years. They have won the past seven conference titles and attended the NCAA tournament in 2010, 2015, and 2016. Their goal is to go “eight straight” this year. Come support Allyson and the girls for the remainder of their season. The next home game is October 20th during homecoming week. It is also senior night! The girls play Fontbonne at 7 p.m. Come support the girls and the seniors. I am sure you will see Allyson add a few more kills to her record number.


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