GU Soccer Player Profile: Breanna Thomas

Written and media by Barry Nixon.

Greenville on defense. Media by Barry Nixon.

Breanna Thomas is a midfielder for the Greenville Lady Panther Soccer Team. Thomas is a big part of the program according to the teammates. She is from Carbondale, Illinois, and played club sports for SI United while growing up. Carbondale is a city in Jackson County, within the Southern Illinois region informally known as “Little Egypt.” The city developed from 1853 because of the stimulation of railroad construction into the area. Thomas has always been a big fan of soccer and says she loves playing the game. She played for Carbondale Community High School. This is a public high school located in Carbondale. It serves grades 9th-12th and is part of its own school district.

Thomas is a 5’3 sophomore who wears jersey number 23 while on the field. Thomas has played in thirteen games in the Lady Panthers 2017 soccer season. She has started in all thirteen games this year. Her season stats so far have been phenomenal. She has scored six goals this year. She has contributed eight assists to her teammates that have lead to goals. The team overall has scored forty-four goals and averages 3.4 goals a game. During the fall season, Thomas has attempted forty-three shots in the regular season and seven during the conference games. The team is 9-4 overall in wins and loses but are 3-0 in conference play this year. The Panthers are currently on a seven-game win streak.

When asked about Thomas, sophomore Ellie Cummings said,

I love her. She is so sweet and an amazing soccer player! She has a presence on the field of dominance but off the field she a super funny, laid back, goofy, down-to-earth person. While she’s on the field, she always handles things in a business matter. She is all about doing things right no matter the situation. She knows when to be aggressive and help the team get the win.”

Cummings and Thomas are very good friends and both started at Greenville University together last year as freshmen.

Goal shot. Media by Darrin Stewart.

Paige Stanley had a few words to say about Thomas as well. Stanley stated,

She is a great leader and has great vision on the field at all times. She always smiling and joking around which is great to have around. She also brings a spark to the field while playing. She knows when to be serious and mentally checks into the game. She knows how to play aggressive and makes teammates play even harder. She also has a nasty shot which is always good for a team win.”

Watching and hearing people talk about Thomas’ gameplay shows and brings a positive vibe to the team. Being able to watch her on the field is sensational and seeing her leadership qualities allow her and her teammates to grow as a team. That is always a positive achievement. If one ever needs to watch someone talented with leadership qualities, Thomas is that person.

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