Player Profile: Barry Nixon

Photo by Christian Caldozo

Written and Media by Christian Caldozo.

Barry Nixon and Teammate Christian Caldozo Photo by Christian Caldozo

With expectations high for the 2017-2018 season, the Greenville University Men’s Basketball team looks to make a big impact this season. The ball is rolling as they have already started practice and are preparing for their first game in November. Each player on the roster plans on making big contributions to this year’s season, not the least of which is Barry Nixon.

Photo by Christian Caldozo

Nixon is a Sophomore guard from Little Rock, Arkansas. He first started playing basketball at a young age, and growing up around the sport really helped him to fall in love with it. He played for a very good high school team, and has won several state championships during his years at North Little Rock High School. Nixon played for the Triple Threat and Team Penny and the Family travel teams during his AAU years. When asked about the challenges he faced while playing basketball, he said, “Being short really made a lot of people overlook me, but I always ended up proving them wrong.”  He graduated from North Little Rock in 2016 and decided to further his basketball career here at Greenville University. Nixon is now a Sports Management major that is planning on graduating in 2020. During his freshman year, Nixon played on the junior varsity team where he averaged impeccable stats, and every game he scored at least double-digit points. He is more than ready this year as he worked hard all summer to get to where he is now. Nixon also has a very good shot at being on the varsity roster this year, especially with all these new faces on the team.

Photo by Christian Caldozo

To describe Nixon’s game on the court, one would have to examine the players he looks up to. His favorite players are Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, but he models his game off of Russell Westbrook. Nixon is a very gifted athlete who can fly high and make athletic moves like Russell Westbrook but can also shoot and score like Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. One of Nixon’s most recognized moves is his crossover that is known to be very quick and effective. Another one of his offensive skills is being able to dunk. He makes it look very easy and is able to dunk consistently off of one foot. On the defensive end, he gets many steals due to his quick, long arms. This also contributes to him being able to block most players whether they are shorter or taller than him. Nixon has a unique set of skills as a basketball player, many of which can still be considered untapped potential. With his work ethic and attitude, Nixon will be sure to reach that potential, especially since he is still very young.

The season is approaching and Nixon will be sure to turn a lot of heads as he competes for the Panthers. Be sure to also get your phone out during the games and record him because you are guaranteed to see many highlights from dribbling to dunking.


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