The Bad, the Strange, and the… Spider Lashes?

Written by Sarah Burgener. Media by Kayla Morton.

Kylie Jenner Makeup – Source: Glamour

This year was the start of a huge advance in the beauty industry. With the help of social media, many young women have become self-proclaimed makeup artists. People have used this new popularity to showcase the creativity that they possess with makeup. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have created their own makeup companies, which have been popular with both men and women everywhere. The competition brought by stars entering the makeup industry has forced brands such as Benefit and Urban Decay to step up their game in order to keep up with the others. The new makeup products have also inspired people to think more creatively before they apply their makeup. Lately, makeup has become a form of art. Scrolling through Instagram feeds, sometimes we see eyeshadow that looks as if it was taken straight off of a canvas. Makeup artists use movies, paintings or specific themes to inspire the makeup looks they create to post online. But sometimes, these creative trends can go too far.

Fake freckles

Let’s face it, some of us were not born blessed with the amount of cuteness that freckles provide. So, if we don’t naturally have them, what do we do? Draw them on! That’s right, women without freckles are faking them by dotting eyeliner on their cheeks and even by getting tattoos. This trend has been used repeatedly on models walking down the runway and in major photo shoots all over the world. Some girls loved the look so much but hated the time it took so they resorted to getting semi-permanent tattoos. So, if you try out this trend and absolutely love it, then you can get freckle tattoos so the daily process isn’t so time-consuming.

Squiggle Brows

The past year has been all about the brows! Inspired by Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, many girls have said farewell to the tweezers in order to let their eyebrows grow into the bold brows that most celebrities have now. Seeing statement brows on magazine covers have girls filling in their brows to complete their makeup looks. Lately, some have been leaving the bold brows behind and filling them in with a wavy pattern. Seeing the photos uploaded onto Instagram has some people furious, while others are embracing the creativity.

Source: Instagram

Spider Lashes

With this trend, we are stuck saying goodbye to the wispy, long, and feathery lashes we had always been striving for. Apparently, now it is all about making your eyelashes as chunky and clumpy as possible. Upon seeing this new trend, Maybelline created The Colossal Spider Effect mascara which introduced the spider effect to those who had not yet seen it.

Source: Top Inspired

Although the makeup industry has had a recent breakthrough, it has also brought us some interesting ideas that no one had thought of until now. Even though these new trends are a little different from the usual, anyone can still try them out. If you choose to attempt these weird and new popular ideas, then go ahead and rock it! Let us know if you have tried any of these out or have more trends that belong on our list.


  1. Thanks Tabitha for this article. It is true that many are leveraging social media in creating new make-up lines and it works! We have to give credit to the brave social media platforms and influencers to making this all happen. It’s truly an inspiration!


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