10 Reasons Students Chose GU

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Written by Christina Bowman. Media by Momoka Murata.

One question most prospective students have is “What makes Greenville University special?” Here are ten current student’s perspectives on that question and why they chose to become a Panther:

Danielle Pearce
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“I chose Greenville because the school didn’t put a price tag on me and try to buy me. Greenville showed me authentic, healthy pride in a culture that is found here. I came because I wanted to grow as a human being and I knew Greenville would give me the best opportunity to become who I wanted to become.” Danielle Pearce, Springfield, MO

“I chose Greenville University because of the small town feel and I loved the student-to-teacher ratio. It was important to me to attend a school where I would not just be a number.” Kylar Craig, Olney, IL

“When looking at colleges, I was set on two things. First, finding a place where I could grow in my faith and be challenged as a Christian, as well as [second] a school with athletic teams that were like family.” Allison Fennewald, Troy, MO

Erin Gilmore
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“I chose Greenville because of the community that it brings. I know that is a common theme and ‘trigger’ word for some, but it is a genuine part of why I enjoy Greenville. Since I am a townie, I have been able to reap the benefits of past college students and the relationships that they had with each other. I enjoyed how they interacted with one another and how they acted out as relatable role models to me. I wanted to have friendships like theirs, so naturally, I chose the school that they attended.” Erin Gilmore, Greenville, IL

“I came to Greenville because of the campus atmosphere and people I met here. It truly has become a place I consider home, and the people, friends, and professors all have positively changed my life. The community at Greenville is truly one of the most welcoming and easily explorable places I have ever been.” Josiah Mohr, Orfordville, WI

“Coming from a faith background I desired to seek a college experience that would both broaden my worldview and strengthen my faith. The 3-2 program at Greenville College, now University, provided the perfect opportunity for me by providing three years among a community where Christian growth is commonplace, followed by an environment at a larger university where I will have the chance to build relationships with people who have different viewpoints from myself.” Jeremiah Brannon, Greenville, IL

“I chose Greenville because when I first walked onto the campus ground, I felt a sense of peace and home. Being here for the past three years has only confirmed that I have made the right choice coming here!” Genesis Martinez, Phoenix, AZ

Photo by Momoka M

“I chose Greenville because I wanted to play basketball but I also wanted to be challenged at a Christian college in the Midwest. Ever since I was little, I was in love with the Midwest, so I was determined to go to college there. As for the Christian aspect, I wanted to go to a place that would challenge me to become a better Christian. After those things were things I could find in Greenville, basketball just became an added bonus. I also enjoy Greenville because I wanted to go to college far from home. I did this because I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone, which I have learned is where I grow the most.” Katie Wolfram, Las Vegas, NV

“Having grown up with my mom working as the chaplain at Greenville College and even to this day as a University, I knew that if the faculty and staff were as wonderful as my mom, it would be an incredible four years of life-transforming teaching not just on an academic level, but also spiritually and morally as I learn to live a more Christ-like life.” Emily Gaffner, Greenville, IL

“I came to Greenville because I had heard of it through Agape Fest and found out they had a good atmosphere for a music program. I visited Greenville and was impressed by the professors and the music technology in the studios impressed me for how small the school was. I had also grown up in a small town, so Greenville felt familiar.” Deryk Rumbold, Peoria, IL

These are just a few of the many aspects of GU that influence students to attend. Whether it be the community, athletics, or the music program, Greenville University has something to offer everyone that steps foot on campus.


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