Coach Scott Returns to Greenville

Andrew Scott Photo by Greenville

Written and Media by Christian Caldozo.

A new but familiar face has shown up on the Greenville University campus this 2017-2018 school year: none other than Andrew ScottA new graduate assistant coach to the Greenville Men’s Basketball team, Coach Scott was born and raised in Long Beach, Calif., spending most of his time around the game of basketball. 

Coach Scott during his playing years at GU Photo by Greenville Basketball

Coach Scott attended Greenville College from 2014-2016; during his two years, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and played two years on the Men’s Basketball Varsity squad. Coach Scott was a part of the first year that the men’s basketball program ran their high-powered “system” offense. During that year they placed first in the regular season for conference and earned a trip to the conference tournament.

After Scott’s time at Greenville, he ended up venturing out to see what the real world was like. At first, he went back to his home in Long Beach, Calif., but soon after he ended up taking an internship in New York working in a kitchen at a Christian family camp for the summer of 2017. During his time in New York he kept in touch with the Greenville Men’s Basketball staff and when he heard that there was an open spot for a grad assistant he took that position right away. Scott wanted to come back to the Greenville culture.

Coach Scott brings firsthand experience to the men’s basketball program. When asked about what he personally feels he brings to the sport, he said:

I would say my personal philosophy would just be the best teammate you could be, on and off the court. One of the things I would pride myself on is just being a selfless player and being a selfless person, just because basketball is a team sport and it is much more about other people than it is about you.”

Coach Scott training one of his young clients. Media by Christian Caldozo

Coach Scott is a very hard worker. He would personally describe himself as a blue-collar type of guy–always working, no matter the circumstance. During his years playing, Coach Scott had the reputation of a being a very hard worker on the court. Some would describe him as being “monster” on the court, as he was able to grab any rebound that came his way.

One can definitely see his hard work translate from the court into his coaching. Especially with such high expectations for this year’s team, Coach Scott believes he can play a big part in that and help the team to reach success this year.

Here are a few fun facts about Coach Scott:

  • He is a very laid back person.
  • He can be very sarcastic at times.
  • His favorite player in the NBA is Carl Landry.
  • He is very genuine and passionate.
  • He likes to smile and laugh a lot.
  • His favorite football team is the Atlanta Falcons.
Coach Scott hard at work in his office. Media by Christian Caldozo

Overall, Coach Scott is excited to start this year of Greenville basketball. He has high expectations for both the varsity and JV teams, and he is going to give his best effort to ensure that both teams will be as successful as possible.






Check out this interview with Coach Scott below!


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