Considering Academic Coaching?

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Written by Isiah Price. Media by Momoka Murata.

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Midterms have passed and Greenville University students are racing toward the end of the fall semester. It is the time of the year where students are stressed, working hard on their studies. Many students spend their time in the library studying, where they can find quiet time to get their work done.

The library is a great place for students to go to get their work done and study for exams in their classes. It is also a great place to receive tutoring from your peers. In addition, GU Student Success offers student Academic Coaches that support the needs of students. Corinne Weber, a senior, helps many students with their academic work. “I became an academic coach for the first time this year,” Weber explained. She is eager to be an academic coach and to help other students; “I wanted to become an academic coach after my freshman year here when I had met with an academic coach myself. I loved the idea of students teaching other students skills that will help them succeed in their classes.”

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Weber’s schedule is well managed with other student’s schedules, so it’s easy for them to meet with her weekly when needed. She explained, “I actually have the easiest senior class schedule ever, so it pretty easy for me to fit in times to meet with students for academic coaching. It more so depends on their schedules, which can be hectic with sports practices, club meetings, and other extracurricular activities. But if someone is serious about getting help with their studies, then they’ll make the time to meet with an academic coach!”

Academic Coaching
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Greenville University has many opportunities for students to get assistance with their schoolwork. “Everyone can benefit from academic coaching. You don’t have to be struggling or even failing your classes to meet with an academic coach. One student might need tips on study habits, while another may need to know more about time management. As I get to know my students better, I tailor each meeting to fit their needs and we work through different topics of learning together,” Weber said. Having the opportunity here at Greenville to get help from students who understand what you are going through is a way for many students to grow in the classroom.

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There are many strategies that tutors can provide to help you understand your work better. Lindsay Burton, a student at Greenville University, is also a student tutor. She said, “I have a lot of different strategies for tutoring. Some I have learned through education classes and by observing other math teachers. Others I have learned through years of experience as a tutor. One of the best possible strategies I’ve learned and used over the years is by asking rhetorical questions. It’s important to not just tell the student how to do something, especially in math.”

Greenville University has many ways to assist you in improving yourself in the classroom. Tutors and academic coaches are available Sunday through Thursday nights in the library. Take advantage of these free opportunities the University provides, and go see a tutor or academic coach in Student Success!


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