Meet the CRE: Niquita Hohm

Niquita Hohm Source: Ethan Maurer

Written by Miranda Coffee. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Niquita Hohm
Source: Miranda Coffee

The CREs of Greenville make everything more fun for the dorms and students that attend the University. They create events, plan exciting new things to try out, and make sure they get to know most or everyone in their building. Do you really know your CRE though? I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Burritt Hall’s new CRE, Niquita Hohm, and what she loves about her job here at Greenville!

Q. Tell me just a little about yourself so people can get to know who you are and what you like.

A. I love being outdoors. When it’s warm, I like hammocking and camping but we haven’t had a chance to this fall. I would love to go back and explore the places I use to go when I lived here. I love all things fall and holidays. So I’m happy that its cider season and being all bundled up inside. It’s great. I also really love nerdy board games. Seven Wonders is one that I started out playing and it started the obsession. I like playing them with friends.

Q. So why did you choose to become a CRE at Greenville?

Burritt Hall
Source: Miranda Coffee

A. That’s a great question! My friend, Mikey Ward, told me about the job having an opening and I thought about it more as time went on. I had a couple other jobs I was looking at. I kept thinking about it and all of the possibilities that came with the job and it became more intriguing–being with a staff in Burritt that’s so passionate about the job and pastoral care. Getting plugged back into university life seemed really nice. I took it a piece at a time and decided to do it.

Q. How has your first semester on the job been so far?

A. Interesting. I wasn’t a part of Res Life when I went here so it’s been very new to me and exciting. I’m learning a lot about everything that goes into Res Life. Walking in and having a staff that is ready to go and passionate about the job has been really great. Kristin, the ACRE has been super helpful. She knows so much about what’s going on. She has a good handle on everything and a vision of Burritt. I would have definitely floundered a lot more without her. I have an incredible staff that I love working with.

Q. What is one of your favorite parts of being in Burritt and being the CRE?

A. I never lived in Burritt when I went to Greenville. I lived in West Oak, or Hood to you all now. It was a newer building at the time, and I never got the “floor vibe” while living there, so Burritt has been super different. We have all of these events and traditions in Burritt. There’s a hominess here even though the building can be a little crazy and need fixing at times. There’s a lot of character here. You can build so many relationships here that you don’t find in many other places. I love it.

Q. Lastly, do you have a piece of advice for students this year?

A. Thinking back to college days, I would say balance is a really hard thing to find in life. Get as close to health as you can. Find time to be social when your social health is low, hold on to your mental health and recharge when you need to, and definitely don’t forget about your academic health. Do your work when you need to and try to avoid the procrastination as much as possible. Emotional, spiritual, all of the aspects of life—find your balance.

I think I needed her advice just as much as anyone else. I am definitely taking it to heart.

We should all make an effort to get to know the people who are making our lives on campus more enjoyable and memorable. Living in Burritt has helped me meet so many wonderful friends. CREs are here to make the Greenville experience exciting. Take the chance to find yours and get to know them better. They are sure to make you smile.


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