Noah Dir: The Life of an RC

Photo of Noah Dir Photo by Momoka M

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Momoka Murata.

Tenney Hall
Photo by Momoka M

As the semester is winding down, Tenney Hall at Greenville University finds itself full of students. Resident Chaplains are prepared to support the needs of their residents as they are very stressed with the weight of classes on their shoulders. The holidays are getting closer and the end of the semester is coming soon, so RC’s are experiencing one of their most stressful times of the year.

That does not stop one special RC of Tenney Hall, though. Noah Dir is a sophomore on the cross country and track teams at Greenville University, while also being a Resident Chaplin at Greenville University. Dir has strong goals to help the culture of Tenney Hall; “My main goal is to be a positive influence for the guys on my floor with the intent to build positive relationships that will extend to life after Greenville. With this goal, I would like to make sure that I am demonstrating Christ-like qualities that people will see in me that will bring glory to God.”

Living in Tenney Hall is a great way for male students to learn new things and get to know more people, including their RC’s. RC’s are responsible for planning activities for their residents and making sure everyone is following the rules and staying safe. They have to know how to manage their time wisely between homework, extracurriculars, and also maintaining the role on their floor.

Photo of Noah Dir
Photo by Momoka M

Noah Dir is an incredible RC who manages to connect with students in Tenney. “Tenney Hall contains a very diverse group of students. This can be challenging, but at the same time, I enjoy getting to know people and hear their life stories. I just have to continually remind myself to get out of my comfort zone and do what it takes to build connections with everyone,” Dir explains. “All in all, I still need work on building connections with everyone, but I always try to be kind and greet everyone I come into contact with.”

Resident Chaplains are very helpful with informing their residents about things that occur on campus and in the community. Communication with residents is vital for RC’s to accomplish their job properly. “I usually use posters, since people are going to walk by them and see them on doors when either leaving or coming into Tenney Hall,” Dir said.

Bible Study Image
Photo by Momoka M

Living in Tenney is great for Noah, even when the building is a little off campus. He explains, “A lot of people complain about Tenney Hall and how far the walk is from campus, but I personally don’t mind it and feel like it can provide a little more of an independent atmosphere with the different setup. I truly love all that Tenney has to offer and especially Tenney/Kinney milkshakes of the month– which is a great event that I wish more people knew about.”

Many events are held for Tenney Hall students because of the support of their RC’s. Setting up events for students to attend is a great way for students to connect even more with both their RC and other on-campus residents.


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