12 Things Graduating Seniors Should Add to Their Wishlists

Written by Skylar Bareford. Media by Sara Dawson.

Wishlist. Source: Faithline Women

Are you graduating soon? Now is a good time to start thinking about practical items to add to your wishlist. Check out this compilation of gifts you should request to help establish yourself as a professional and/or independent young adult!

1. Dress clothes: Each person should graduate with two business professional and three business casual outfits they can wear to interviews or for their first week on the job. Ask people to invest in classic pieces such as dress shirts, neutral blouses, simple dresses, and slacks from brands such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Express, Ann Taylor or Brooks Brothers that can last for years to come.

2. Books: It may be hard to imagine that reading may one day be something you do for fun, but continuing to learn is a key component of staying relevant in any field. Ask for books related specifically to your field, about leadership or organizational management. Or if you are taking the GRE (or another standardized test), now is the time to ask for the practice test book or DVDs.

3. Organizational memberships: Every field has different organizations it is key to be a member of and may come with a student-discounted price. For example, Sport Management students may consider joining the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). If you have an especially generous family member, you might ask for a trip to the annual convention of that organization and get some key networking in.

4. Amazon Prime Membership: Because your free student account will be coming to an end soon.

5. LinkedIn premium: Many fields are using LinkedIn to connect these days. Get premium to maximize your options as you begin looking for jobs.

6. Shoes: You should have two to three pairs of comfortable shoes you can wear to work. Consider asking for a couple pairs that you can mix and match with all different outfits.

7. A bag for work: It is time to leave the backpack behind and find a classy new computer bag you can bring to work each day.

Graduating Seniors. Source: Alive Campus

8. Gym membership: Because the student center will no longer be a free option.

9. Cooking appliances: You may still be sharing some cooking items with roommates, but you may want to start to build your own collection that you can have no matter where you live. Ask your relatives to gift you their favorite kitchen appliances.

10. All weather coat: It is time to leave behind the sweatshirts and get a real coat. Get one you can wear no matter the situation and that can pull any business outfit together.

11. Artwork: To remind you of college or home to hang in a new apartment.

12. Gas cards: For that inevitable spring break or post-graduation road trip.

For even more wishlist ideas, watch the video below!



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