Football Season Recap

Steven Oscar (SO) DB media by Bobby Neal

Written and Media by Bobby Neal and Andrew Sharp.

When you visit Greenville University and decide to go to a football game, you can expect a few things from the experience. One of those things is an atmosphere that is hard to match because of the people at a Greenville football game. They always keep the team in good thoughts by cheering and they always are supportive. Another thing you can expect to see at a football game is the unity between the players and the game. The players are very in-touch with the plays and environment on the field. They never fail to put on a show for the fans and the crowd. Likewise, the band is also one of the pinnacles of the halftime show.The football team ended the season with a record of 4-6 while having one of the youngest teams in the past five years. They also boasted an astounding 90+ roster count and graduated 20 seniors.
Media by GU Football.

With star senior players Nick Marrow, Hamid Camara, and John Dudley leaving the program last season, the Panthers were forced to rebuild. With this being the youngest team in five years that Greenville has had, they were extremely athletic. This offseason, the Panthers are focusing on speed and power.

With all new, young talent the Panthers look to freshly build from the ground up. “Rushing for 800 plus yards in a single game, the young Panthers set a school record and they will build from that accomplishment. There will be more from this group,” said Coach Schomaker.

Media by Bobby Neal.

With many trips made to Minnesota, the Panthers go to know each other better than they thought. Steven Oscar said, “With a visit to the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium, it makes the memories we look upon at the end of the season even better. Hitting the offseason hard is the goal for this spring, along with building a great team environment and living by our vision.” The Panthers want to get above the .500 mark and get the program rolling. 

Coach Schomaker explained the team’s mission:

Our program will be known as a premier small college program, committed to high academic standards, committed to championship play, and living championship lives. We will be a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and loving community of athletes passionate in applying biblical values to our athletic experience. We will be a witness to the culture that it is possible to be fierce, committed football players and play the game in a way that honors Jesus Christ. We will be men who lead courageously and accept responsibility. We will choose commitment over comfort. We will enact justice for the weak. We will leave a legacy that lasts beyond our own lives. We want our athletes to be the best person they can be on and off the field”

Check out this interview of Head Football Coach Schomaker on his take of the season!


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