Isaac Akers’ Game of Life

media by Bobby Neal

Written and Media by Bobby Neal.

Media by Bobby Neal

In 2013, Isaac Akers signed his National Letter of Intent to play for the Upper Iowa University, a Division II football program located in Fayette, Iowa.

He redshirted his freshman year of college due to a high school injury. After some coaching changes going into his sophomore year, he decided to take his football opportunities elsewhere. In January 2015, he ended up at Olivet Nazarene University. That year he had a really productive spring ball, which led him to receive significant playing time in the fall of 2015. After getting so much playing time, he decided to go to Idaho to train with former NFL player Marcus McFadden.

During his time out west, he trained with McFadden, some players from Boise State, and Peter Falsetto. During the spring of 2017, Akers had some unfortunate family situations occur. After praying about it and talking with the university chaplain at Olivet, he decided it was best to transfer home for his senior year. After disclosing some of his family situations to the Olivet coaching staff, they gracefully agreed he needed to transfer home. They used their contacts and got in touch with the Greenville University coaching staff. Then, in May of 2017, he was accepted to Greenville. He would be playing again at Greenville University for his senior season.

Media by Greenville Football

After he trained all summer in his hometown of Edwardsville, Ill., August 7 was move-in day for fall camp. With a long season ahead and a lot of work to do, Akers quickly adapted to the culture of the program and was active in getting to know his teammates. Every day after practice Akers would spend time putting in extra work with two other senior offensive linemen, Bryson Davis and Steven Davis. The three decided that the only way the offensive line would have a chance at being successful for the season if they put in extra work outside of practice.

As the season went on, Akers started the first four games of the season before suffering a knee injury during practice in week five. This led to Akers being out of the week five game against MacMurray. In order for Akers to play the rest of the season, he needed to sit out of that game. When he then returned to the practice field the next week, Akers was then hit from behind in the same knee, but this time the injury was worse than the previous one.

Offensive line huddle. Media by Bobby Neal

After being re-evaluated, Akers was told that he would be out for 4-6 weeks, which meant it was potentially a season-ending injury. During the time of recovery, he felt one way he could still contribute to his team was by helping other players in the program learn the playbook and develop their technique. Since he could not play or practice, he felt it was important to do as much as he could to help his team.

When Akers finally returned to the field, it was the final week of the season. With him still recovering from his injury, he was restricted to only practicing twice during the week and was only allowed one series in his last college football game of his career. In such short time, Akers had a huge impact on the Greenville football program due to his love and care for teammates and his hard work on the field.

Team huddle. Media by Bobby Neal

Akers his teammates, offensive line center Steven Davis, wide receiver Derek Griefzu and defensive lineman Colton Faure, were invited to the International Senior Scout Bowl in Myrtle Beach S.C. Faure will also attend a Scout Bowl in Dayton Beach, Fla. The Scout Bowl gives these gentlemen an opportunity to not only play one more guaranteed football game but a chance to play in front of professional football league scouts ranging from the NFL, CFL, AFL and many more leagues even from other countries.

Akers plan, if he does not continue to play football,r is to stay involved with the game by coaching and giving offensive line lessons to local youth in the St. Louis area. He wants to help kids become leaders in their communities and schools with the things he has learned as a college athlete and in his own life.

Akers summed up his thoughts in saying “The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.”


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