Meet the CRE: Rebecca Munshaw

Rebecca Munshaw Source: Ethan Maurer

Written by Mary Krauss. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Rebecca Munshaw in front of Tenney Hall.
Source: Ethan Maurer

Coordinators of Residence Education (CREs) play an important role at Greenville in leading the Resident Chaplains (RCs) and their residents to work together. Without them, things wouldn’t run smoothly and a lot of people would be lost. Thanks to the CREs, we’re able to have fun events and a better time as students here.

Do you know your CRE? Allow us to introduce you to Rebecca Munshaw. Munshaw is the CRE of Tenney Hall and Kinney Hall. Before being a CRE, she was an RC for three years out of her four while attending Greenville as a student. Check out this interview with her!

Q. What’s it like to be a CRE now as compared to being an RC before?

A. “Well, at first I was really excited but also nervous because I don’t know how to do a lot of things the things CREs do like confrontation and being in charge of everybody and having a boys’ building and a girls’ building. It’s just different. Once I started being a CRE, it just felt like a natural thing and then it all became easy. I’m still doing work but I love it. I was nervous as an RC, like I thought, ‘I can’t be that kind of the leader.’ I can, kind of, since I’ve been an RC, but like I didn’t know what it was going to be like having my own staff as a CRE. So then here I am with a staff of six people and over half are boys.”

Q.Why did you choose to become a CRE?

Mandy Pennington and Rebecca Munshaw at Munshaw’s Art Opening in Maves
Source: Mandy Pennington

A. “I thought about a lot of other things, like maybe counseling or maybe going to Seminary and doing something with that or art therapy or something. I just loved being an RC a ton and it just didn’t really feel like a job. It just felt like something that I was meant to do. Someone was like, ‘You should apply to be a CRE,’ and I thought, ‘Wow if it’s anything like this, is it supposed to feel this easy, you know?’ I prayed about it some, and people kept pushing me and, I applied to a lot of places, and then Greenville was the one God kept telling me, like, ‘Yeah I think you should do this.’ So here I am, and I love it. I feel like the qualities I have, God put there so I could do something like this.”

Tyler Kohrs and Rebecca Munshaw at her Senior Art Project Opening in Maves
Source: Tyler Kohrs


Q.What are you doing while you’re here?

A. “I am doing this job as a CRE and I’m currently trying to get my Master’s in Higher Education. While I was here doing my undergrad, I studied Pastoral Ministries and Art. I feel like God has definitely given me different skills that work with this job and I get to do a lot of mentoring with my staff. I have to praise God because I’m doing something that I love and it takes a lot of my time but, I don’t know, I just feel so equipped for it. There’s been a lot of affirmation of it whenever anybody says, ‘You’re doing really great at this,’ or anything like that I just think, ‘That’s because God made me this way,’ so I learn to give the Glory back to Him because I know He made me this way and it’s something that I need to use in furthering His kingdom. My faith keeps growing and my RCs help teach me new things every day. I thought I’d be the teacher, but they’ve taught me a lot.”

Q.What’s one fact about you that most people don’t know?

Corrinne Weber and Rebecca Munshaw at Munshaw’s Art Show in Maves
Source: Corrinne Weber

A. “I love video games so much and I’m pretty good at them. I love to play with my staff, too. Another one is I paint. I have paintings all over campus from Jo’s Java to the president’s office to different people’s apartments on campus and there are probably a few still left in Maves [the art building on campus].”

Munshaw was my RC during my freshman year and now she is my CRE in my senior year. I have many memories with her. Without her, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. She’s been there in hard times and she’s helped make the good times even better. I encourage you to get to know Becca Munshaw and the other CREs personally. You won’t regret it.


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