Post Season Blues

Written by Kaylie Weideman. Media by Joseph Wood.

Don’t let the season ending get you down. Source:

Is your sport over? Are you having trouble coping with the season being done? No worries! Everyone feels upset and lost after their last competition of the season, but we must take the outcome of your season and continue being productive to have a better season next year!

Being a college athlete is full of dedication and commitment to a sport. Fall athletes must prepare all summer long to be in the top-quality shape for their fall season. That is why after season it is often a bit difficult for those athletes to cope with not being outside in the warm weather or training nonstop.

The best thing an athlete can do to cope with not being in season is to stay active. Sports are sometimes high-maintenance, which requires practices five days of the week, additional training and lifting, and weekend practices and competitions. When the season is over it is hard to maintain the same level of productivity as done while in season. It is okay to be upset and grieve when your season comes to an end; especially if you are an upperclassmen.

There is always room to get better. Source:

Dani Pearce, a junior on the Women’s Soccer Team, says,

It’s always upsetting when [the] season ends, and especially when your team gets into the [conference] tournament because that means you ended in a loss. However, the end of a season always means the beginning of a new one. It’s always nice to be on your own schedule and get to run and workout without worrying about when your next game is. It’s also nice to be able to miss a day and just to relax. When [the] season is done I do take a few days off from touching the soccer ball and from running and lifting to give my body a break. I like to take this break to spend time with my friends, especially my friends that aren’t on the team and I don’t get to see very much out of soccer. It’s also fun to take late night trips with my friends and not have to worry about getting enough rest for training the next day. Of course, I’m always looking forward to the next season, considering it’s my senior year next season.”

Another athlete, a senior on the Women’s Soccer Team, Hope Brakenhoff says, “Season ending is honestly surreal. To have played my last game and now realize that I won’t have the opportunity to play another college game is insane to think about. The team fought so hard and it is heartbreaking that the season has to end, but I am so proud that I was a part of this team and this program.”

No Regrets. Source:

Another senior, Tymber Gabbert, who also plays on the Women’s Soccer Team says, “Knowing my collegiate soccer career is over is definitely depressing, but I wouldn’t change this season for anything. It was the best/most fun season I have had during my time at Greenville. It’s upsetting that we didn’t make it past the semifinal [conference] game, but I know my team played their heart out. Although the season was long, I never experienced becoming burnt out of the game, which makes it tough to accept that it’s over.”

Edgar Bueno, a member of the Men’s Soccer Team, says, “Since our season ended too soon, there is a disappointing feeling deep within that is hard to get out. I have a lot of time on my hands being out of season which is amazing because that disappointment gives me fuel to prepare for the next season.”

Athletes have a lot of pressure on them while they are in season because of the combination of the stress of school, maintaining a social life, and practices. It is hard not to be stressed out while their sport is in season due to the standards they are held to perform in all aspects of their life. That is why some athletes find relief and feel like they can relax when their season is done.

So, if you are an athlete, and wondering how to feel or what to do, do not stress! This is your time to relax and let your body have a healthy break and enjoy time outside of your sport before you begin training to have an even better season next year!


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