Romeo and Juliet: A Blast from the Past

Source: Courtney Bailey-Parker

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Kelsey Middleton.

“Who’s there?”

Wait… That’s the wrong play.

“When shall we three meet again, in Thunder, in Lightning, or in Rain?”

Ah, darn. Still not quite right.

“Two households, both alike in dignity!”

There it is!

The famous, most recognizable love story—no not William and Kate, the other one—”Romeo and Juliet” is coming to the Factory Theater this semester. It will be brought to you by your local youth group straight out of the 90s. Yes, you read that correctly. A Greenville College youth group from the decade all of us miss though few of us actually grew up in is gracing us with their presence and performing one of the most recognizable love stories in recorded history. The humanity of Shakespeare’s play is brought to the stage in a collection of actors and characters you won’t want to miss.

The Cast of Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Courtney Bailey-Parker.

Starring big names from all across campus, this is a Shakespearian production you won’t want to miss. Taking the stage as Juliet, Kaylee Gaines beautifully embodies the sassy young teenager. Silas Groves portrays Romeo as the love-struck who-knows-how-old he-is that we all know and love. None other than Kelsey Middleton portrays the fiery Tybalt, and Bethany Hegener brings the lovable Benvolio to life. Nate Wieland debuts as not only the saucy merchant Mercutio, but also sheds a beautifully humorous light on the character of Friar Lawrence. The lovely Lady Capulet is brought to the stage by Amber Wibbenmeyer, and Tabitha Rice (me!) plays the loving, bumbling Nurse. The Prince of Verona and the County Paris are played by none other than Sean Pope, who plays both the commanding Prince and the lover Paris so well it is almost as though Shakespeare wrote the parts with Pope in mind.

The show is directed by Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker and assistant directed by Kahre Hiles, both of whom are essential to bringing these characters to life visually. An original soundscape by Mandy Pennington will be underscoring the show. Helping to make sure the show runs smoothly are Victoria Bledsoe serving as the Stage Manager and Kathleen Malone serving as the Assistant Stage Manager and photographer.

The Factory Theatre in the Kelsey Building. Photo: Kelsey Middleton.

Everyone knows the story. No one knows what is going to happen when our lovable youth group from 1990s Greenville College decide to perform it. The show is being performed for only one weekend: the last weekend. Show dates are Thursday, December 14; Friday, December 15; and Saturday, December 16. For the low price of $5 and your attendance at 7:30 (doors open at 7:00), you can enjoy seeing love, loss, and pure hilarity during the (not quite) two hours traffic of our stage.

Ticket sales are going to student actors, so you are supporting your fellow students with more than just moral support when you attend this performance. This is a production you will not want to miss, so seriously consider staying after finals to watch your friends and neighbors perform this classic tale. If you have a Facebook, there is an event you can register for as well.


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