Tenney Kinney Milkshakes

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Barry Nixon.

Winter is here, finals are near, and everyone needs a break. There is one special event to help you take a break from end-of-semester stress. Tenney and Kinney Hall’s have Milkshake Days to helps you get to know the RC’s and other residents. Monday, December 4 was the most recent day to make your own personal milkshake! Flavors that residents chose from were vanilla, chocolate, Oreo, and mint.

TK Milkshakes were delicious, free to students, and a great way to help them relax during this stressful time in the semester. Vari Bonney, a student-athlete and resident of Tenney Hall, said, “I like it here in Tenney because they have supportive and fun events like the TK Milkshake Day, which is really good. I enjoy having the RC’s sharing milkshakes with us that live in Tenney and Kinney Halls.”

One of the RC’s of Tenney, Noah Dir, says, “Preparation starts in our weekly TK staff meetings. An RC leader is assigned to assign roles and make sure everything flows right. Posters are then made and put on doors and there is a Tenney and Kenney Milkshakes of the Month Facebook page to post about the event on.”

Tenney Hall basement Media by: Barry Nixon

RC’s make sure that residents are taken care of and rewarded with awesome milkshakes. “Cookies and Cream milkshakes seem to be the most popular so far! We ran out completely when we had Oreo milkshakes,” Dir said.

Many people enjoy drinking their milkshakes while relaxing and meeting new people. Zachary Smalley is another resident of Tenney Hall who enjoys TK Milkshakes. He says, “Days like these are really needed. It’s good to have the RC’s of Tenney and Kinney to be here and take time off of school and do this. This is really good, especially for other people who don’t live in Tenney and Kinney. They can come and enjoy a milkshake, too.” Tenney Hall staff encourages other GU students to join and participate in TK events, like having free milkshakes. This allows more people to meet others, and then they also have a bigger turnout.

The Milkshake of the Month event is held in Tenney basement, where there is plenty of room to hang out with friends and watch movies. It is the perfect location to host this monthly event. This month, TK staff is hosting a Christmas gift exchange for residents. This is another great opportunity for students! Students can begin by sharing gifts to whomever they are willing to share.

In relation to Milkshake of the Month and other TK events, Johari Dix, a student-athlete said, “My first time hearing about this was shocking to me because I didn’t know what to expect. And, also, I didn’t know if people were going to show up. But I found this really cool to actually come too, because many people came to Tenney, and the RC’s actually make great milkshakes.”

The Tenney and Kinney staff hosts many more events, which just show how important Greenville University’s value of community is. Be sure to come to TK Milkshakes in January!


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