The Bald Perspective Episode 2 Cinema with Sidequest

Written by Dylan Deppe. Produced by Matt Stoddard.

In this episode of “The Bald Perspective,” Matt & Deppe are joined by SideQuest members Ben Casey & Jacob Kersh. This year probably won’t be as exciting as the last one, as far as movies go, but there’s definitely some interesting things being made to keep an eye on. Some of ones they were most interested in are “Super Troopers 2,” the untitled “Deadpool” sequel, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the “Halloween” reboot, & “The Meg.”

They also discuss feelings about the recent trailers for “Solo,” the “Deadpool” sequel, as well as “Venom.” Along the way, they somehow still found a way to mention “Avatar,” “Bright,” “Doom,” and the alt-right movement all while having a jolly-good time.



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