Men’s Track and Field Senior Profile: Ben Perry

Source: Photo by Mitchell Hooten

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten.

Seniors bring great leadership to any sports team. Ben Perry is a senior captain of the throwers for the Greenville University Men’s Track and Field Team. In his four years, Perry has played a vital role in the men’s success. Last year at the NCCAA National Championship, Perry finished fifth in the hammer throw with a throw of 157′ 0.5″, which helped the men’s team finish in second place at the championship. Not only has Perry been helpful in the ring, but he also has been a great teammate in his time at Greenville. If you want to hear Perry talk about his experience at Greenville, listen to the interview with him at the end of this article.

Ben Perry throwing the weight throw at Christian Nationals. Media by Mitchell Hooten.

The beginning of Perry’s track and field career at Greenville Universtiy was rough since he was injured from playing football during the fall of his freshman year. He missed the entirety of the indoor season, but was able to compete in the outdoor season and had a great freshman season, where he learned to throw the hammer.  Unfortunately, Perry was not able to qualify for the outdoor NCCAA Championship his freshman year, which is a goal that each thrower on the team wanted to achieve. He overcame adversity and was able to qualify for the indoor NCCAA Championships.

When the outdoor season started, Perry finally began to understand the dynamics of the hammer throw and qualified for NCCAAs. Perry threw his farthest throw of the season at the SLIAC Conference meet, where he finished second with a throw of 154′ 2″. Perry’s junior season was full of ups and downs, having big throws at outdoor NCCAA Championships, where Perry threw a personal best to finish fifth. At the conclusion of his final indoor season, Perry was the top thrower on the team. At his last indoor NCCAA Championships, he finally had an incredible throw, getting a personal best by over a foot farther than ever, which is huge at a national competition.

Ben Perry turning his throw. Picture by Mitchell Hooten.

Over Perry’s four years at Greenville, he has had many teammates come and go but Greg Nwajei and Chris Crawford are two that have known him for the longest time. These three have had great times together as teammates over the past four years–from having fun on the shuttlers on the way to meets or just saying something at practice to make everyone laugh.

Crawford stated, “I feel that Ben has been great as a teammate during our four years at Greenville. He has always known how to make the throwers laugh with just a simple word, especially me. Also, he makes practices fun with his great music playlist.”

Even though Nwajei has only been Perry’s teammate the last three seasons, the two have been great training partners. Nwajei stated, “I’m glad that Ben has been my teammate and training partner over the last three years. If it wasn’t for Ben Perry, I most likely wouldn’t be as good of a thrower as I am now.” As you can see, Perry has been a great teammate, friend, and athlete in his time at Greenville.

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