The Building’s On Fire: Live House Show

The Building's on Fire. Graphic by Taylor Harpster.

Written and Media by Taylor Harpster.

Joy Lounge, where the event will take place. Source: Taylor Harpster

Music is an avenue to bring people together in a way that not many other things can. The importance of music and how it can so effectively communicate thoughts, feelings, or ideas is something that is not easily replicated. The music scene here at Greenville has the potential to be really accessible to all students as a means of connecting and bringing a lot of people together.

As a part of Residence Life, I have the benefit of bringing one of my passions into my job as an opportunity to connect with others. On Monday, April 9th Joy and Janssen Residence Halls will be hosting a live house show in the first-floor lounge of Joy Hall. The event will start at 8:30 and doors will open at 8:00. All students are invited, and there will be pizza and concert credit available. Bands such as SideQuest and Oversleeping will be there, as well as bands you may not have heard of like Mind over Madness and That Band You Like. We are calling the event “The Building’s On Fire.” 

Part of the reason I wanted to host this event is not only to bring people together but also to allow local musicians the opportunity to play at other venues aside from the school’s provided music venue, The Blackroom Cafe. My partner in planning this event, Jonathan Bremer, had an interesting take on part of our motivation for organizing the event. He said,

The brains behind the operation. Source: Taylor Harpster

Past music events in Joy have been really effective ways to connect people with unique music and just breathe. Two things, in my opinion, that people can’t honestly live without. I appreciate the bonding and healing quality that music has on people. This type of low-stress, healing, and the uniting atmosphere is the type of environment we are seeking to create (despite the name “the building’s on fire”). We just want to bring a bunch of people together to commune and have a fun; time to step away and get lost in the music.”

Being able to plan and tailor an event to what we think would be enjoyable for other students has been quite the journey! We hope to plan more live shows in the future! If you can, please join us on April 9th at 8:30 in the Joy Hall lounge. Come out, get some pizza, concert credit, and enjoy some good music. Can’t wait to see you there!

The Building’s on Fire. Poster graphic by Taylor Harpster.


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