Bald Perspective Episode 8: Ramblings of Madmen Part 1

Written by Dylan Deppe. Produced by Matthew Stoddard.

On this week’s Bald Adventure, Matt, Deppe, and Ben shot the bull. There was not really any big or new stories to talk about. So, our intrepid Bald Crew talked about a whole gruesome menagerie of things pop culture.

Matt really missed the fun conversation we had about “Mad Max” in the lost Episode 4, so he brought that back out into the light. Following that, they had a fun conversation examining the mythos of the dystopian series and talked about fan theories.

That somehow segued into talking about our favorite guilty-pleasure movies, such as “300: Rise of an Empire,” “Under Siege,” and “Law Abiding Citizen,” and then the madness commenced.


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