Battle of the Food: DC vs. Union

Media by Whitney Nichols.

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Whitney Nichols.

Media by Whitney Nichols.

On campus, you have two options to go to eat: the Dining Commons or the Union. With each having their advantages and disadvantages, I wanted to know what some students preferred. So I asked Justin Willis and Elijah Morgera their thoughts about the two places.

First up was Justin Willis, who a junior at GU, who had some very choice words about the DC. He said he would prefer “neither because they’re both unhealthy, but if I had to choose one, I would say… the DC because they have fruit and different choices you can eat from the salad bar and sometimes you can switch it up and have a cheeseburger or something like that. At the Union, you legit eat the same thing over and over again.”

When asked if the DC should change anything to improve itself more, Willis said that they should keep the DC open late due to late activities for some people, athletes in particular. “I think the DC should open a little bit later. I’d say close around 8:00 or 8:30 because a lot of people have sports practice really late. So I think with the DC, like closing around 8:30 will be helpful for a lot of athletes that haven’t got a meal to eat.”

Staying along the lines of what can be added at the Union, Willis would like to see more cereal options because he doesn’t like the current options that are being served. 

Media by Whitney Nichols.

Now to Elijah Morgera, a freshman who transferred to GU this semester. Morgera really likes the DC and the options that it provides. “I like the DC because it has more options such as having a few vegan options. You then have the regular entrée, along with an international station and a salad bar station as well which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.”

When asked if there were any improvements that needed to be done, Morgera said that he would like to see change during breakfast. “I feel like for breakfast there should be a fruit section out because during that time there isn’t anything located at the salad bar. Also, for breakfast especially, real eggs would be better [than] carton eggs.”

With Morgera’s preference being the DC, I asked him his thoughts on the Union and how he feels about it staying open almost all day long. “If I don’t have enough time to go to DC, then I’ll go to the Union and sometimes I’ll be in the mood for chicken tenders or a burger, so I could just go there real quick, get in and get out, and take my food back to my room.” 

Although both of these students sided with the DC, it doesn’t mean that the DC is a more superior place, but it is a place with more options. Overall, if the Union wants to appeal to more students, they should focus on changing up their selections to bring in more business.


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