Fortnite Frenzy

Written and Media by Joey Clinton.

Fortnite has taken the campus by storm (pardon the pun).

Almost every night, dorm rooms across campus are filled with cries of victory, or, more commonly, cries of defeat, as dozens of Greenville University students join the virtual battle royale that is Fortnite. The game has risen meteorically over the past several months, quickly becoming one of the biggest (if not the biggest) games in the world, with a potentially record-setting 3.4 million concurrent players in February.

The concept for the game is simple: 100 people are dropped onto an island covered in randomly distributed weapons and building materials. Last one standing wins the competition. It’s not unique in the concept (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, as it is often referred to, preceded Fortnite and is widely believed to be the defining game of the genre), but something about Fortnite has allowed it to catch like wildfire.¬†From that basic concept, Fortnite has slowly and steadily managed to build a gaming monolith, with the game itself becoming a cultural hallmark, almost inescapable on social media or in common conversation. Now, with the rollout of an iOS port, Fortnite seems set to secure a position among mobile gamers as well.

With the game having such a massive following, here at the GU Papyrus we wanted to see what you, the student body, had to say about your late-night Fortnite gaming experiences. The Papyrus’s own Joey Clinton set out to hear from you. You can watch the video interview below.



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