Spring Comes to Jo’s

Written by Miranda Coffee. Media by Whitney Nichols.

It’s finally spring. Well, let’s hope so anyway. It’s Illinois. Illinois weather makes no sense. With warm air and sunshine coming to the small town of Greenville, we can all turn to one place for sweet, springy drinks. Jo’s Java now has their April special menu out and it is absolutely divine. Two of the drinks on the seasonal menu include lavender. This flavoring makes the drinks feel more like spring and is very soothing. Although there are no new baked goods with this seasonal menu, a warm cinnamon roll or muffin would taste great with any of these drinks.

Media by Whitney Nichols.

First on the list is the Vanilla Lavender Italian soda. A sweet blend of vanilla and lavender all concocted into an Italian soda. Italian Sodas are made from carbonated water and flavored syrups. This drink is a perfect cool-down for those slightly-warmer-than-usual days we have been having lately.

Second is the Peppermint Lavender Latte. I had the chance to try this one and I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I really did. The peppermint really added to the drink overall and I fell in love. You wouldn’t expect a peppermint flavored drink in springtime, but this one tastes so good and gives the menu something special and unique.

The final seasonal drink on the menu is the Salted Carmel Mocha. This drink makes me wish that summer was right now. I love drinking salted caramel drinks in the summertime and this drink is perfect for that kind of day. With salted caramel flavoring, this mocha is great for sitting outside or taking a drive to feel the warm spring air. I might go get one of these after I write this. It sounds amazing right now, honestly.

Media by Whitney Nichols.

After trying a couple of the drinks myself I talked to some students about their favorite seasonal drinks at Jo’s this spring and found that a lot of students love these new ones. Regina Sanders, a senior here at Greenville said that she loves the vanilla lavender Italian soda. “It’s just the perfect drink for this weather and for this season. I love it. It’s good and refreshing.” I also had the chance to talk with Rachel Hill, a sophomore at Greenville. Rachel told me about her favorite drink on the seasonal menu;  the salted caramel mocha. “Salted caramel makes the mocha taste sweet. I love salted caramel a lot and it just makes it so good.” Rachel told me after I talked to her that she actually went to Jo’s to get one because thinking about it made her want one.

I love buying these drinks at Jo’s and taking drives to ease my mind after a stressful test or presentation in my classes. I have seen many students walking around campus and around town with a Jo’s Java drink in hand.  If you want to try any of these amazing drinks, grab a friend and head to Jo’s soon. You never know when they’ll be gone for the season!


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