The Dilemma of The Hungry

The dilemma with where to eat. Taken by Taylor Harpster.

Written and Media by Taylor Harpster.

The dilemma surrounding what to eat. Source:

Everyone at some point in their lives has had to make one extremely crucial decision that will potentially affect the rest of their day, and possibly days or even weeks following. This dilemma can be one of intense struggle and debate, especially among groups of individuals. This is especially true as a college student with money restrictions, distance, group preference, etc.

What is this battle of the wills being discussed? One might think that the answer lies in the decision of where to go on a group road trip or vacation over spring break. Consider this, however; the true question being asked is one surrounding a normal activity in our daily lives. It is something that everyone ponders at least three times a day.

The dilemma lies with food: What do you want?

Well folks, with so many factors to consider like some of the ones mentioned above, it is not that simple. Alex Munguia, a Highland, IL native had this to say about food and the dilemma that encompasses the decision of where to go:

Well, it seems like whenever you eat with friends, you always have to pick a place that everyone enjoys, and is in the mood for. When you have picky eaters as friends, it can get tricky. Even going by yourself, sometimes making a decision based off of all the great choices you have can be rather difficult.

In preparation for the topic of food and the many considerations that come with that, I posted on my Facebook wall asking many of my friends in Greenville and the surrounding area some of their favorite restaurants to go to eat. I got many responses with a variety of excursions, some nearby, some a little far, and one that stood out from the rest. Mikey Ward, Coordinator of Residence Education for Joy and Janssen Halls responded, “The D.C.” While the variety in the Dining Commons is quite alright, the variation on what there is to eat can sometimes be lacking. Occasionally it can get very monotonous eating at the D.C., and sometimes students just need a change of scenery.

Kahuna’s. Source:

One of the most suggested food options was a small burger joint called Kahuna’s. Kahuna’s is located in Greenville, IL and has fairly inexpensive options for food. It is close to campus and a great choice!

If you are craving Chinese food and do not mind a bit of a drive, check out Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant in Edwardsville, IL. It is a great option for more authentic Chinese food!

Nathan Kriebel, a Greenville resident and GU alum, suggested probably the cheapest option when it comes to food in and around Greenville. That option comes in the form of one of the largest fast food joints in the country, McDonald’s, because it is open twenty-four hours a day.

Whether you are looking for Chinese food, a good burger, or just something cheap to munch on, there are plenty of options in and around Greenville. While there were many suggestions I could have put in this article, these are the ones that I picked. You can view the original post with all of the suggestions here.


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