Tips for Education Majors

Teachers are Awesome! Source: Ethan Maurer

Written by Kori Nesbit. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Deciding what you want to major in can be the most exciting, yet daunting decision of your life. The thought of being an education major is exciting, but you must also remind yourself it is a sometimes-overwhelming amount of hard work. Lucky for us at GU, we have some of the most qualified professors and peers in the School of Education that will work with you and lead you to success.

Here are 5 tips from five Greenville University education majors:

  • Don’t be overwhelmed

Both the School of Education and the State of Illinois have a lot of requirements we must meet and complete in order to graduate and receive licensure. Don’t let all of the minute details overwhelm you; there are so many people there to help you and make sure you meet every requirement! Sydney Porter, a junior Educational Studies major explains, “Everything may seem overwhelming at first, but everyone is here to help you succeed!”

  • Get to know your professors
Lisa Amundson, Special Education professor here at GU, is a great example of the excellence of the Education Department.







GU School of Education professors want to know about your life, about your struggles, your family, and your dreams. They want to help you reach your potential, but they also care about your life outside of the classroom,” says Elementary Education major Trinity Dawson. It is so important to develop relationships with both your peers and professors in the education program because you spend so much time with them. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be honest. We are all human, professors included, and they are here to help you. They are here to listen. They want you to succeed. Take this opportunity to invest in their lives, and they will do the same for you.

  • Be organized

Get a planner and write every assignment down. This is important for every major, but professors of education give so many repetitive weekly assignments that may seem redundant and annoying, but actually teach you the most important fundamentals of teaching in a classroom. Educational Studies major Lexi Simmons says, “I didn’t realize the importance of all the little things we have to do in all of our classes. They give us so many opportunities to learn both in the field and on our own, and I really value that.”

  • Keep your students at the center

As Math Education major Megan McKee is student teaching, she has recognizes the importance of doing everything with your students in mind. Even as a freshman, when you’re studying for an exam, have your students in mind. She says, “Do everything, and I mean everything, with your students in mind. When you’re planning a lesson, envision yourself in the classroom teaching from start to finish. This has helped me so much to feel prepared because I can have an idea of what to expect from my students.”

  • Get your homework done early
Elementary Education is one of the most rewarding majors, just ask Johnny Hinton!

Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly, get your homework done early. “Your professors know and understand the workload being an education major brings, so they lay everything out for you very well. Get the little things done in your spare time, and it will make the semester run so much smoother,” explains Johnny Hinton, a senior Elementary Education major.

Being an education major takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and, most likely, tears. However, don’t let that scare you away from one of the most rewarding professions out there because, after all, it is also full of laughs and love. Knowing that you are responsible for shaping the minds and lives of little learners makes all the work worth it.


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