Another Year, Another Hike

all college hike
Media by Russell Lamb

Starting off the third week of school, Greenville University hosts its annual All-College Hike. The All-College Hike is a well prepared 5-mile run to Durley Camp for students and staff of Greenville University. This annual run is to celebrate the new school year for the community and individuals of Greenville University. Following up from last year’s All-College Hike, the weather was mostly cloudy with light showers. This year’s weather was mostly sunny.

So, how did the All-College Hike turn out? Overall, it seemed to be a great experience! 

Anthony Zataray, a senior basketball player for Greenville University and GSGA student worker, made contributions by working the hike. “The event for me, as a GSGA member, was a feeling of pride and enjoyment because I put together the opportunities fair. Seeing it come alive and people having a good time and enjoying themselves gave me joy from all the work I put into it. I felt pretty accomplished.” Anthony showed tremendous enthusiasm while working and dealing with students’ needs.

Media by Russell Lamb

“The most special thing to me was the opportunities fair because I had to put together everything and make sure everyone was happy.  I am glad that it went smoothly and I believe all the clubs and organizations got good responses and that is special to me because it gives GSGA and Greenville a good name. On top of that, it gets the students connected with campus life and outside opportunities which is what college is about,” said Anthony. 

The All-College Hike was an adventurous moment for athletes to attend and to run the event. Hannah Krukewitt, transfer junior from Lincoln Land Community College, plays on the women’s basketball team and was able to participate in All-College Hike for the first time. “It was a cool experience! As a team, we ran a lot of the hike and as rough as that was, it was also great to have everyone encouraging others. Seeing everyone come together as a campus community was nice to see.”

Media by Russell Lamb

All College Hike is an event where students can apply and follow up on many things that go on throughout the community. The opportunities might include prayer groups, video game interactions, and physical assistance. Many groups and booths made informed students about what they have to offer and encouraged them to apply.

“The Hike is an event that the whole university is encouraged to take part it in! It is able to attract because Durley is the final destination and it is an event that gets everyone out to a different place and off campus to be with fellow students!” says Lexi Simmons, a senior and captain of the women’s dance team at Greenville University. She is very passionate about helping students and giving good advice to them. She also had a good experience with other booths. “The Vespers booth was extremely successful because of the date the hike is set! People understand what Vespers is about and are kind of in the swing of their classes and ready to get involved! Some of the interactions were just fun and talking about life and getting stickers but then there were some that really wanted to know how to get involved in this student-run program, which was a little more meaningful, but each interaction was fun! It’s always fun to see all the new and old students getting involved in the campus and community!”

The All College Hike turned out to be a successful day. Many students enjoyed the lovely food and memorable moments. Hopefully the All College Hike can be another successful moment in years to come.

Media by Russell Lamb.


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