Basketball Preseason: No Pain, No Gain

Greenville University is a campus with a variety of different sports teams. Greenville Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs have already started their preseason workouts and conditioning exercises to help them get ready for the 2018-2019 basketball season. The Men’s Basketball team is coached by George Barber and assisted by Stephen Groves. The Women’s Basketball team is coached by Roy Mulholland and assisted by Katie Nehf.

Few varsity players after the Recruit Camp 2017 

The Men’s Basketball Program began preseason with many different activities and drills. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they start off with a 6:15 A.M. lifting workout with open runs and shooting drills. Open runs are a team open gym consisting of several five-on-five games. The shooting drills usually consist of a 4 x 25 shooting, which is 4 designated spots with 25 attempts at each spot. On Tuesdays, they run pyramids on the track to help keep in shape for the regular season. On Thursdays, they meet up on Scott Field or the Rec Center to do band workouts. The band workout is a muscle resistance workout that allows these athletes to work on explosion and separation.

The men’s program has four captains that organize and run preseason workouts. The captains are Johari Dix, Daniel Saeli, Isiah Price, and Josias Parker. These four strongly believe that the season will be great because of the amount of effort and competition each member of the team gives one another to make the next person better. Parker stated, “I believe this season will be very promising. With twelve experienced returners and a talented transfer class we can have a great year.”

Returning sophomore Marvin Bateman states, “I feel confident coming back off a great season last year and with the twelve returners, I feel as if we will make history this upcoming season in the SLIAC Conference and am looking forward to a conference title.”

Jantzen Micheal setting up a play. Media by Darren Stewart.

The Women’s Basketball Program has also begun their preseason this week. The ladies have conditioning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and lifting workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. The ladies participate in full-court drills, a variety of shooting drills, and spend a lot of time scrimmaging. The workouts are led by two senior captains; Jantzen Michael and Wesley Woodard. These women have high hopes for the team this year and are expecting to have a great season. Sophomore guard Sidney Webster said, “our team has a positive culture and tons of encouragement between one another, on and off the court,” she continued, “everyone puts the team before themselves.”

Both teams have a great chance of making history and having a great season this upcoming year. Both the men and women will continue to work hard this preseason in order to have a phenomenal season. With great attitudes coming from upperclassmen, you can expect greatness from both programs.

Be on the lookout for more exciting news on the GU’s men and women basketball programs!



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