Gaming Club Smash Tournament!

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The GU Gaming Club’s Smash Tournament had some intense moments to it, though a few of the beginning matches went by rather quickly. As I streamed, I was joined in commentary by Coleton Gensler and Brandon Myers, who both allowed me to occasionally focus on them during quiet moments. The final score ended with Robert Goin in 1st place, Johnathon Goodenow in 2nd, and Coleton Gensler in 3rd, with Robert and Johnathon’s match being particularly intense. During the stream, we were treated to an interview with Johnathon Goodenow, as well as a short conversation from Nick Watterson about his Core 401 project.

Super Smash Bros. Tournament starring Greenville University Esports – join us in the DM Center! #togetherGU

Posted by The GU Papyrus on Sunday, September 16, 2018


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